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The Grumpy Economist: Deflation links deflation -risk/ “So we're really heading into Japanese -style deflation territory” deflation / “So tell me why [...]

How to amuse and misinform (with charts) | Historinhas

Japan's relatively slow growth is the result of demography, not deflation . Japan grew slowly after its stock market collapsed in 1990. Prices rose to 1998 and then fell as inflation gave way to deflation. While prices rose the  … [...]

Inflation-Deflation Debate: Jim Rickards vs Harry Dent (John Mauldin Moderator)

Inflation-Deflation Debate: Jim Rickards vs Harry Dent (John Mauldin Moderator) videos.. Please click here to subscribe to my channel.. The world is [...]

Marc Faber Vs Michael Shedlock – Inflation vs Deflation Debate

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Marc Faber Vs Michael Shedlock – Inflation vs Deflation Debate



GoldMoney podcast: Mish Shedlock's case for deflation | The God …

He argues that in the short-term, he sees 2008-style “credit events” as more likely to occur in Japan , China, and Europe. Shedlock also mentions the deflationary impact we can expect from the increasing use of robots in … [...]

DEADLY DEFLATION! China & Japan WAR Inevitable! [KEISER REPORT E390]

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the butch welfare Queens in Virginia, Maryland and DC who rely on the ‘untouchable’ Pentagon budget. [...]

Trace Mayer of RunToGold- Bitcoin as Good (Or Better) Than Gold?

Trace Mayer is an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, and monetary scientist. He holds a degree in Accounting and a law degree from California Western School of Law. He has also studied Austrian economics, focusing on the work of Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises. He runs the website and has written a book called The Great Credit Contraction Trace knows a lot about Gold, Bitcoin and Austrian School Economics. In this controversial 28 minute interview, Trace talks about his book, where QE to Infinity fits in with his views of the macroeconomic situation, if all assets are deflating against Gold, and then he lays out a very extensive argument for why Bitcoin could be safer than Gold and many Austro-Libertarians/Anarcho-Capitalists should strongly consider transacting and buying and holding some Bitcoin. Please visit the Wall St for Main St website here where you can now get a FREE copy of our Petro Profit Report which we sold only a few months ago for $150/copy! Follow Jason Burack on Twitter @JasonEBurack Follow Mo Dawoud on Twitter @m0dawoud Follow John Manfreda on Twitter @JohnManfreda Follow Wall St for Main St on Twitter [...]

Freedom is always the right answer: Federal Reserve

Although Japan has survived deflation's endgame for over 20 years, the US, the UK and Europe will not be so lucky – nor, this time, will Japan . With all major economic zones deflating simultaneously, the West's demise will be … [...]

Deflation Deepens as Japan Contraction Risk Intensifies

Deflation Deepens as Japan Contraction Risk Intensifies. Japan 's consumer prices slid at a faster pace in July and industrial production unexpectedly slumped, raising the danger that the world's third-largest economy has … [...]

China heads for a deflationary shock |

Indeed it can be poisonous, and China already has the twin-afflictions of the deflation malaise: a fast aging nation, and a surfeit of factories and industrial plant. Meanwhile, Japanese machine tool orders fell 14.8pc in May, the biggest drop … [...]