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Calafia Beach Pundit: Still no signs of deflation

Japan's problems over the years are commonly attributed to deflation , but that ignores completely the fact that Japan's fiscal policies have been abysmally bad for decades (e.g., way too much government spending). Deflation [...]

Deflation, recession and 'Japanese crisis' hangs over Europe | The …

Two months ago, a policymaker at the Bank of Japan warned that the eurozone was slipping towards chronic deflation and low growth. The central bank was “observing if Europe will fall into Japan -style deflation ”, [...]

GaveKal Capital: Excluding Tax Increase, Japanese Consumer …

Excluding Tax Increase, Japanese Consumer Prices Are Already Back in Deflation . The recent sales tax increase in Japan is wreaking havoc with price statistics, making year-over-year comparisons basically [...]

Japan sees end to deflation after 20 years | The Times

Japan has finally pulled itself out of deflation after nearly two decades of falling prices. Inflation is now rising at the fastest rate since 1991, the year the asset bubble burst, propelling what was then the world's [...]

Market Anthropology: The Long Tail of Deflation

With Japan's Nikkei now trading well into its twenty fourth year since its secular peak in 1989, we thought we would take a quick comparative look at the two most talked about deflationary spirals (as weighed by [...]

Japan: Concrete Fiscal, Growth Measures Can Help Exit Deflation

The “three arrows” of Abenomics—the slew of measures named after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe—provide a unique opportunity to exit deflation and revive growth, says the IMF in its regular assessment of the  … [...]

Japan deflation ebbs, output up; BOJ target still elusive | WORLD …

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan's factory output picked up in April and deflation abated slightly as a weaker yen and firmer overseas demand boosted growth, boding well for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's efforts to shake the world's … [...]

Renthusiast.com: The global problem of monetary deflation (part 1)

Japan is a good example of a deflationary economy, with zero percent interest rates having 'no effect.' Japanese banks write off loans continuously but the economy has been unable to improve significantly due to stagnating … [...]

IMF Presses Japan on Deflation | Global WordPress Themes – News

The International Monetary Fund said that the Japanese government and central bank must do more to combat deflation , but expressed sympathy for Tokyo's [...]

The Bonddad Blog: Japan, Deflation and Some Very Bad Charts …

Japan , Deflation and Some Very Bad Charts And Numbers. This chart is by far the most important piece of information about Japan : inflation – or, more specifically, the lack thereof. While no one wants hyper-inflation, some … [...]