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Japan stocks drop amid deflation fears and rising yen – MarketWatch

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — Japanese stocks lost more altitude in early Wednesday action, with deflation fears, a weak U.S. lead and especially further gains for the yen all helping to push the Nikkei Stock Average [...]

What the Bank of Japan's stimulus shocker means for the global …

“Now is a critical moment for Japan to emerge from deflation ,” Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda told reporters Friday, adding that signs of economic recovery have been clouded by global uncertainty, falling oil [...]

How deflation would affect European markets | Financial Post

Europe's struggle with deflation has had a negative impact on capital markets this autumn, but it could get even worse for investors if European price levels continue to fall like in Japan in the 1990s, says a new report [...]

Albert Edwards says investors should watch the Japanese yen and …

Edwards says Japan is just as apt to lead the way. When the Internet bubble burst in 2000, Japan's tech-heavy Jasdaq index started to slide weeks before the Nasdaq. Japan also pioneered the deflation that now threatens [...]

Eurozone nears deflation with price rise of just 0.4% so far this year …

That is impossible when prices are falling, as the Japanese have found over the past two decades. The latest fall in inflation is therefore bound to prompt speculation that the ECB will soon come up with its own version [...]

ECB's Mario Draghi unveils historic measures to rescue Europe from …

… Central Bank cut interest rates to record lows on Thursday, launched a series of measures to pump money into the sluggish euro zone economy, and pledged to do more if needed to fight off the risk of Japan -like deflation [...]

Half the world economy is one accident away from a deflation trap …

Markets have a touching faith that the same Politburo responsible for a US$24-trillion credit bubble – 1.5 times larger than the U.S. banking system – will deflate it gently with a skill that eluded the Bank of Japan in [...]

Japan deflation persists, industrial output falls | Business …

Japan deflation persists, industrial output falls. Japan's core consumer price index fell 0.4 percent in April from a year earlier, while industrial production also weakened, the government reported Friday. By ELAINE … [...]

Japan's central bank chief vows to end deflation | Business …

The newly installed governor of Japan's central bank said Thursday that he plans to do whatever he can to end deflation and break the economy out of the doldrums. The Associated Press … [...]

Japan deflation persists, business spending down – The Seattle Times

Japan said Friday that its chronic deflation persisted in January, with consumer prices falling 0.2 percent from a year earlier, though the employment situation showed a modest improvement. The Associated Press … [...]