October 2020
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Deflation would be the stuff of nightmares for European economies …

The one modern example is Japan – where deflation ruled from 1997 to 2007. But Japan is in some ways a poor example: Japanese people themselves have funded the country's debt – and it remains a big producing [...]

Why the Fed should worry about deflation – The Term Sheet …

And even though Japan has tried hard to end 15 years of deflation , the world's third-largest economy has seen only modest relief. In August, U.S. inflation rose just above its slowest pace at an annual pace to 1.2% — below the  … [...]

Yen Threatened by Deflation — Forex News

That is not good for the yen, which also suffers from deflation in Japan . The Corporate Services Price Index (which is considered a leading indicator of consumer inflation as higher costs for corporations are usually passed on … [...]

Yen Falls as Traders Anticipate More Stimulus from Bank of Japan …

The Japanese yen slipped today versus the US dollar and the euro today as Forex traders were concerned that the Bank of Japan will continue expanding its asset purchase program to counter deflation . The BoJ made a … [...]

South of Wall Street: Deflation is coming

The claim that deflation can be ended by sufficiently strong action has no doubt led you to wonder, if that is the case, why has Japan not ended its deflation ? The Japanese situation is a complex one that I cannot fully discuss … [...]