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7. Japan's central bank will cancel all the government bonds that it has bought from the Japanese government. Japan's central bank will thus have less capital. The Japanese government will thus not have to pay 'interest',  … [...]

Abe's "Deflation-Monster"-Slaying Third-Arrow Hints Underwhelm …

But a mere 10 minutes after vowing to slay the deflation monster, Japanese stocks have retraced their spike gains and JPY has retraced its spike lower – but on the bright side – JGBs are bid. Can you spot the moment Abe … [...]

Why Bernanke Can't Stop Deflation | Clif Droke | Safehaven.com

BOJ Governor Kuroda has previously said that he would do “whatever it takes” to drive growth in Japan. The central bank underscored its commitment to fighting deflation by announcing that it would also buy riskier assets [...]

Peter Schiff explains how a US depression can cause a global ‘death spiral’

Former World Bank economist Richard Duncan appeared on CNBC over the weekend explaining how the US government is delaying the economy from going into a [...]

Ponzi World (Over 3 Billion NOT Served): Minsky, History, Reality …

Minsky , History, Reality v.s. Bernanke, Wall Street, Politicans. I noticed my stats had fallen off, so I thought there must be an NFL playoff game going on that I wasn't aware of. Then I took a gander at another “alternative” blog, … [...]

jahhou blog: When time to recovery goes to infinity

… ponzi scheme. Facebook was kind of interesting, after all. Posted by Jeff at 7:49 AM. Labels: 2-10 spread, banking profits, bond yield spreads, debt deflation , inverted yield curve, Minsky , ponzi collapse, TBTF banks … [...]

An Analysis Of The Article Dynamic Economic Systems By John M …

Running Head:An Analysis of the Article Dynamic Economic Systems by John M. Blatt and the Financial Instability Hypothesis by Hyman Minsky …. on to why speculative finance is valid and private debt is valid during economic stability, He only states that spending by consumers financed by debts when an economy has just recovered from a debt deflation will result into a decline in income but does not given a clear connection of debt deflation and [...]

An ECB leap too late?

Front and centre in this regard is the rapidly progressing sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone, the debt deflationary feedback loop associated with it, and the quality and quantity of policy responses applied to contain it. … [...]


Costs of deflation: [...]