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EconomicPolicyJournal.com: Krugman Visits Japan and Sees…

Krugman Visits Japan and Sees… … Deflation . Paul Krugman writes at NYT: Right now, Japan is struggling to escape from a deflationary trap… Here are the facts: The Inflation Rate in Japan is reported by the Ministry [...]

What next: Inflation or Deflation? Get ready for inflation – Economics Futurist Keynote Speaker

What is the greatest threat to our future: inflation or deflation? What should we expect? Inflationary boom or deflationary bust or more economic cycles of [...]

Why the US is not at risk of a Japan-style deflation – Calafia Beach …

Concerns about the risk of a ” Japan -style deflation ” in the U.S. are once again heating up, as the Fed prepares to taper its bond purchases, something that's very likely to happen either this month or next. The worry—echoed in  … [...]

Put your tie-dye away: It's not the '70s | Vanguard Blog

Somewhat remarkably, the Fed has been able to keep the green bars in the chart in positive territory—and avoid wage deflation . ( Japan was unable to avoid that, it should be noted.) Which brings us to QE3, the third round of … [...]

Japan's Noda Vows Quick End to…

by admin on September 24, 2012. Japan's Noda Vows Quick End to Deflation : Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda vowed to pull the country out o… http://t.co/XugqaBEL. Tagged as: career new, career tweets, job news, job tweets … [...]

Japan Sees Near-Term End to De…

Japan Sees Near-Term End to Deflation : The Japanese government said an end to its 15-year-old problem of deflati… http://t.co/T8rbS8qH. Tagged as: career new, career tweets, job news, job tweets · Cancel reply. Leave a … [...]

Caixin Online: The yen's looming day of reckoning | Odd Onion

Japan is on an unsustainable path of a strong yen and deflation . The unprofitability of Japan's major exporters and emerging trade deficits suggest that the end of this path is in sight. The transition from a strong to weak yen … [...]

Lunch With Bridgewater's Ray Dalio?

He has read little academic economics (though his work has echoes of Hyman Minsky , an American economist, and of best-selling recent work on downturns by Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff) but has conducted in-depth analysis of past periods of economic upheaval, such as the Depression in America, … Print too little money and the result is an ugly, deflationary deleveraging (see Greece); print too much and the deleveraging may become inflationary, as in Weimar [...]

Snowballs, Human Nature, and Economic Crisis

Building on the work of Keynes, Irving Fisher's debt- deflation theory of great depressions, and others, Hyman Minsky argues that it is the presence of a profit-oriented financial system that drives the booms and busts of the … [...]

Conference on the Future: Energy, Economy & Environment: Sustainability vs. Deflation

localfuture.org Featuring keynote talks by Nicole Foss (Stoneleigh of The Automatic Earth), Dr. Joe Tainter (author of “The Collapse of Complex Societies”), Steve Keen (author of “Debunking Economics” and winner of the Revere Award), Richard Douthwaite (author of “The Ecology of Money”), David Korowicz (director of the Risk Network), Chris Bedford (president of the Center for Economic Security), and Aaron Wissner (president of Local Future). A conference on energy, economy, and environment; the interactions between these; a study of projections for the future; understanding, responding to, and preventing recessions, deflations and collapses; and achieving [...]