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Deflation and the dangers of 'turning Japanese' – Steven McCabe …

Optimists argue that a number of things will occur militating against the normal problems associated with falling [...]

Datawatch: deflation in Japan | FT Data – Blogs – Financial Times

Ordinarily, nominal gross domestic product grows faster than real GDP, but the deflation that followed Japan's lost decade reversed this and led to both a fall in private consumption and a rise in the country's public [...]

Sweden reacts as Krugman likens price slip Japanese style deflation

Policy makers are uniting against Krugman after the Nobel Laureate likened price developments in Scandinavia's biggest economy to Japan's battle with deflation . “I'm surprised that he's drawing parallels to Japan ,” [...]

The “Nice Phase of Minsky's Cycle” | timiacono.com

It's kind of ironic to think of all the time and money that went into all those high frequency trading computers (i.e., the hardware design and the [...]

The ECB's Tough Balancing Act – Bubbles vs Deflation | Gary …

They are held accountable to the ruling politicians that in most cases have no respect for the principle of sound money. Instead, in Europe, the UK, Japan , the US, and elsewhere, central bankers have become intricately linked  … [...]

The access-to-information system is busting: information czar …

The access-to-information system is busting: information czar. By Amy Minsky Global News. Play Video … get a response from the national police force when it went looking for answers. Finally, Legault points to a phenomenon she says has slowly deflated the worth of Canada's access laws—a list of exemptions that has doubled since the Access to Information Act came into force. The law provides for certain pieces of federal legislation to be exempted from disclosure;  … [...]

Japan factory output jumps but deflation remains – News On Japan

Japanese factories churned out a better-than-expected performance in April, but the upbeat data Friday was tempered as the export powerhouse remained mired in deflation [...]

NewsDaily: News Summary: Japan deflation drags on in March

News Summary: Japan March CPI falls as deflation drags on; central bank keeps policy intact DEFLATION : Japan's consumer price index fell 0.9 percent in March from a year earlier, underlining the challenge of ending a long … [...]

Japan to inflate its way out of deflation | Peace . Gold . Liberty

The new Bank of Japan (BoJ) Governor, Haruhiko Kuroda, started work on Thursday and his first day on the job disappointed investors. At a press conference, Kuroda pledged to do whatever it takes to defeat deflation and … [...]

Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation: Explanation

Inflation, deflation and stagflation all indicate that there is a change in the prices for goods and services relative to what the prices had been. [...]