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The access-to-information system is busting: information czar …

The access-to-information system is busting: information czar. By Amy Minsky Global News. Play Video … get a response from the national police force when it went looking for answers. Finally, Legault points to a phenomenon she says has slowly deflated the worth of Canada's access laws—a list of exemptions that has doubled since the Access to Information Act came into force. The law provides for certain pieces of federal legislation to be exempted from disclosure;  … [...]

Gold And The Endgame: Inflationary Deflation | Zero Hedge

The “Inflationary Deflation ” paradox refers to the coming rise in the price of almost everything in conventional money and simultaneous fall in terms of gold. … I wondered that same thing about Bass' Japan Fund. As far as I  … [...]

Is the Global Economic Bubble About to Burst? – Yra Harris #N3

Every week, it seems, we are barraged with bad news about unemployment and our stagnant economy — followed immediately by news that the Dow Jones Index is [...]

Bank Of Japan Sets Deflation Turnaround Target Date – House Price …

http://www.nytimes.c…ss&emc=rss&_r=0 ' HONG KONG — Deflation remains firmly entrenched in Japan , figures showed Friday, as the [...]

Predicting Recessions and Depressions – Business Insider

But what about a debt- deflationary driven recession, such as described by Prof. Irving Singer or Hyman Minsky as an explanation for the Great Depression? In that case, deflation isn't a positive, but a negative, and the deeper … [...]

No Shortage of Cliffs & Japan's Deflation Solution: NewOak Insights …

Japan's Deflation Solution: Monetary Easing or Currency Devaluation? Shinzo Abe, the incoming prime minister of Japan , declared his intention to [...]

Renthusiast.com: The global problem of monetary deflation (part 1)

Japan is a good example of a deflationary economy, with zero percent interest rates having 'no effect.' Japanese banks write off loans continuously but the economy has been unable to improve significantly due to stagnating … [...]

Marketing Japan: Japan's Deflation: The Department Store Numbers …

Japan's Deflation : The Department Store Numbers From 2009 to June 2012. I've been doing a lot of data searching and number crunching for the purpose of making presentations for a new Japanese company to obtain … [...]

News Blog > Spectre of deflation like japan – HousePriceCrash.co.uk

Dailymail: Is deglation the new threat. I can see uk going down the same road as japan as the two situations are so similar in so many ways…despite all the money printing and zero interest rates property is still 40% less than … [...]

Diary of a Republican Hater: MMT-MM Smackdown: Scott Sumner …

Depressions and deep recessions like 1932 and 2008 are associated with deep asset deflation like Fisher and Minsky talk about. In 2009 we saw deflation and deep deflation in 1929-32. Certainly during this recessions we … [...]