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Japanese Style Deflation Coming? Where? Fed Falling Behind

Japan -style deflation across the Eurozone is no longer an outrageous thought. As you can see from chart 1, there is a close link between CPI and demographics. That has certainly been the case in Japan and I don't see [...]

Elephant in the Room Minsky Moment – Mish's Global Economic …

Mish's financial blog covers global news and macroeconomic events regarding the world economy. The blog's primary focus is inflation, deflation , and hyperinflation topics, especially currencies, gold, silver, crude, oil, [...]

Confounded Interest | Japan's Consumer Confidence Crashes …

Japan's industrial production also fell 2.3% last week, the biggest drop since the Tsunami. jaoanip0514. Japan is still experiencing deflation in home prices are their housing bubble peak in 1991. For comparison, U.S. [...]

The “Nice Phase of Minsky's Cycle” | timiacono.com

It's kind of ironic to think of all the time and money that went into all those high frequency trading computers (i.e., the hardware design and the [...]

Slovakia deflation puts more pressure on European Central Bank – economy

Slovakia has became the third eurozone country to slide into deflation. In February consumer prices were down 0.1 percent from January. They also fell by [...]

Japan's War on Deflation Boosted by October Data (AFP)

Japan's war on deflation got a boost last month with a key inflation indicator rising at its fastest pace in 15 years, new data showed Friday, as Tokyo battles to reverse years of falling prices. Stripping out volatile food and  … [...]

Japanese Consumer Prices Increase, Signalling End of Deflation …

After five years of deflation , the price of consumer goods in Japan is on the way up after a series of measures from key policymakers bring an end to deflation [...]

Sober Look: With deflation in BOJ's crosshairs, the yen is sure to …

NY Times: – Deflation remains firmly entrenched in Japan , figures showed Friday, as the central bank projected that its targeted level for inflation was still some years off, underscoring that there are no quick fixes for one of the … [...]

Currency peace: G20 gives BOJ a pass for deflation fight … – Reuters

The Group of 20 nations largely gave a green light to Japan's efforts to ward off deflation . … Currency peace: G20 gives BOJ a pass for deflation fight. By Pedro da Costa. April 22, 2013. Email · Print … [...]

Deflation: Are Markets Signaling The Dreaded Scenario? – Seeking …

Are the markets signaling deflation ahead? Japan is trying its high-risk experiment to inflate. While the efforts seem to be working initially with the yen collapsing and Japanese equity markets soaring, there is growing concern … [...]