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US Imports Most Deflation From Japan Since 2010 | Zero Hedge

Two months ago, when looking at the US Import Price Index (by origin), we showed Where The US Is Importing All The “Evil” Deflation From. The answer, courtesy of Abenomics, was simple: Japan . Earlier today we got [...]

Imported Deflation and a New Currency War? | Zero Hedge

Japan is not exporting deflation to the euro area. Here's why. And the dollar's role a the major reserve asset remains quite stable despite the perennial forecasts of its [...]

Japan Is Re-Crisis-ing; Nikkei Plunges 300 Points From US Close …

As the evening progressed the dead-cat-bounce died with US and Japanese stocks tumbling to day-session lows. Dow futures are down 110 from the … Deflation deflation deflation . Deflation is the word of the day. Learn [...]

Gary Shilling Deflation – Business Insider

Those deflationary expectations are partly responsible for the slow economic growth in Japan for two decades. It's a self-reinforcing cycle, and it's hard to stop. Japan is now experimenting with ultra-aggressive monetary and  … [...]

Japan's War On Deflation Gets A Boost As … – Business Insider

Japan's war on deflation got a boost last month with a key inflation indicator rising at its fastest pace in 15 years, new data showed on Friday, as Tokyo battles to reverse years of falling prices. Stripping out volatile food and  … [...]

Jim Grant Defines Deflation | Zero Hedge

so Japan has had a HUGE deflation going on 25 years now and during the bulk of that time they have monetized the debt on a truly massive scale and it has failed to stem the deflation . obviously times have changed when  … [...]

Gold And The Endgame: Inflationary Deflation | Zero Hedge

The “Inflationary Deflation ” paradox refers to the coming rise in the price of almost everything in conventional money and simultaneous fall in terms of gold. … I wondered that same thing about Bass' Japan Fund. As far as I  … [...]

"A Classic Minsky Trap Appears To Have Developed" | Zero Hedge

A classic Minsky Trap appears to have developed. When market participants sense the Fed's unwind is beginning, they (and the central bank) may be surprised by the extent of the reversal. Regulatory constraints may  … [...]

Abe's "Deflation-Monster"-Slaying Third-Arrow Hints Underwhelm …

But a mere 10 minutes after vowing to slay the deflation monster, Japanese stocks have retraced their spike gains and JPY has retraced its spike lower – but on the bright side – JGBs are bid. Can you spot the moment Abe … [...]

Guest Post: The Case Against Deflation | Zero Hedge

Japan was also in the grip of Keynesians and they stimulated like crazy but they still got deflation over decades, what makes you think it will work here when personal and business credit is not expanding…can the gov really … [...]