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Abe Asks Japan Business Leaders For Pay Rise To Fight Deflation …

LifesiteAbe Asks Japan Business Leaders For Pay Rise To Fight DeflationNIKKEI.com… For Pay Rise To Fight Deflation . TOKYO (Kyodo)–Prime Minister Shinzo Abe asked Japan's business leaders Tuesday to raise wages … [...]

FOREX NEWS: Negative Economic Data For Japan, More Fuel For …

comFOREX NEWS: Negative Economic Data For Japan , More Fuel For Deflation Fire?DailyFXJapan household spending growth in December (YoY) declined for the first time in 4 months, according to data released by the … [...]

Forex News: Japan CPI Confirms Deflation, Yen Retraces …

Forex News: Japan CPI Confirms Deflation , Yen Retraces WeaknessDailyFXThe Japanese yen rallied slightly higher versus the U.S. dollar as consumer price figures in Japan came across the wires showing across the board … [...]

- Bank of Japan's governor Shirakawa says see no … – RANsquawk

Japan's finance minister Maehara says October 30th joint statement by Bank of Japan , government sets obligation for both sides to each take specific steps to beat deflation . – Bank of Japan's governor Shirakawa says see no … [...]

Sober Look: BOJ's money printing is offset by households' cash …

The Bank of Japan has been battling deflationary pressures and strong currency for years. Since the beginning of 2007, the yen has strengthened some 34% against the dollar, making Japanese goods more expensive and … [...]

Pumping It Up | NWOTruth

According to Mish, “If one woodenly sticks to the view that inflation and deflation are about prices (while ignoring a devastating collapse in housing), then yes, the US is still in a period of inflation. Likewise, if one foolishly sticks to measures of money supply like M1, M2,.. … In his teachings, Hyman Minsky discussed how Ponzi finance and financial instability distort asset prices and financial markets. With the Fed's incessant QE-Infinity (money printing) practices, our … [...]

Sober Look: Japan's catch-22

But these figures are a stretch for a deflation -hobbled Japan that hasn't seen such growth rates since the early 1990s. This is a no win situation. Waiting for strong growth, particularly in this environment maybe futile. And the … [...]

When Deflation Comes – 5 ducats

The deflation won't be a dramatic bust, but a slow and steady withering. We are looking at a global Japan , but worse than Japan . What is frightening is that 23 years later, Japan still has no solution. Their deflation hasn't been … [...]

Monetary policy: Those cautious central bankers | The Economist

NGDP targeting is not a magic bullet, but it is an effective shield against a debt- deflation / Minsky Moment scenario. It makes no difference where you draw your baseline for the NGDP level path, just that you draw a path and … [...]

UPDATE 2-BOJ Shirakawa: Japan economy hurt by yen rise, deflation

Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said on Monday he acknowledges that Japan's economy is in a severe situation due to deflation and a strong yen, signalling the central bank's readiness to offer further monetary … [...]