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XE.com – INSTANT VIEW 3-Japan prices fall, mild deflation likely to …

Japan's core consumer prices fell year-on-year for the third consecutive month in December due to weak domestic demand, suggesting mild deflation is likely to persist this year as energy prices stabilise and worries about … [...]

The Global Debt "Minsky Moment"

He feels that the global ” Minsky moment” has arrived, and a combination of debt restructuring, inflation and growth need to be deployed. The speech contains several superb graphics that beautifully … Now that the bubbles have been deflated and the business cycle has changed direction, all these aforementioned macroeconomic indicators are naturally on the way down to their pre-bubble (not pre-crisis) norms. [...]

Fundselect: PIMCO sees as MINSKY for 2012

Front and center in this regard is the rapidly progressing sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone, the debt deflationary feedback loop associated with it, and the quality and quantity of policy responses applied to contain it. … [...]

The Inflation-Deflation Debate—What Lies Ahead? | Peak Oil News …

Japan became mired in such a scenario during the 1990s and as the Bank of Japan discovered deflation is a hard nut to crack. Economists actually say that central banks have more policy tools at their disposal to tackle rising … [...]

Japan deflation persists (Reuters)

Reuters – Japan's core consumer prices fell for the first time in four months in the year to October after a cigarette [...]

India and China: A Short Comparison

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit both China and India within the last two years and have the opportunity to see the lay of the land in two important cities simply by walking the streets for days on end. When I visit a new city I like to really explore it on foot, not following [...]