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What next: Inflation or Deflation? Get ready for inflation – Economics Futurist Keynote Speaker

What is the greatest threat to our future: inflation or deflation? What should we expect? Inflationary boom or deflationary bust or more economic cycles of [...]

Japan govt raises econ view, deflation easingJapan … – CME Group

Japan's government raised its view on the economy for a third straight month in July and said deflation was abating as a result of the nation's expansionary policy mix of monetary easing and generous spending. View All  … [...]

Marketing Japan: Japan's Deflation: The Department Store Numbers …

Japan's Deflation : The Department Store Numbers From 2009 to June 2012. I've been doing a lot of data searching and number crunching for the purpose of making presentations for a new Japanese company to obtain … [...]

Europe's Financial Fiasco: Migrating to the … – The Deflation Times

Hedge Funds Circle as Japan's Asset Bubble Grows — Bloomberg (5/21). World Bank warns of China slowdown — CNNMoney (5/23). Mounting evidence notwithstanding, most economists still say nothing about deflation [...]

Prometheus Market Insight » » Excessive Debt and Its Impact on …

Yes, and so did the people that more or less followed in Fisher's footsteps, principally Charles Kindleberger and Hyman Minsky . Minsky felt that the way you prevented a major debt deflation cycle was to keep the banks [...]

Intermarket Analysis of the Bond Market Renders Technical …

Bill Gross On Minsky's Take Of The Liquidity Trap: From “Hedge” To “Securitised” To “Ponzi” · Huggies Price Cut Shows Why Bond Market Backs Bernanke QE3. One friend is a professional trader and the other is a CFA analyst. Both more or less … If Fed Chairman Bernanke's deflation worries hold any water, then the trajectory of this chart should move upward, not [...]

USD/JPY Outlook January 23-27 | Forex Crunch

Japan's Corporate Service Price Index dropped 0.2% in November while expected to be flat and following 0.1% increase in the previous month suggesting a continuation of deflation in the Japanese market.CSPI is expected … [...]

Fundselect: PIMCO sees as MINSKY for 2012

Front and center in this regard is the rapidly progressing sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone, the debt deflationary feedback loop associated with it, and the quality and quantity of policy responses applied to contain it. … [...]