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Looks as if they lost battle against deflation: Japan's Inflation Slows …

(Bloomberg) — Japan's inflation slowed more than forecast in January, highlighting central bank chief Haruhiko Kuroda's challenge in reflating the world's third-biggest economy. Consumer prices excluding fresh food rose [...]

The Grumpy Economist: Deflation Skeptics

In other words: If Japan is in a twenty year recession caused by persistent deflation , we (Italians) have been in a twenty-year disaster that is much worse, and this notwithstanding that the Italian inflation rate, in the same [...]

Investing During Deflation of the US Economy

http://www.profitableinvestingtips.com/investing-tips/investing-during-deflation-of-the-us-economy Investing During Deflation of the US Economy Recent [...]

Poll: Should the Fed fear inflation or deflation more? – Capitol Report …

Take part in our poll about whether inflation or deflation should be the bigger concern at the Fed. … Japan June imports rise 11.8% vs. year-earlier. 7:51p. BREAKING. Japan June exports rise 7.4% from year-earlier. [...]

Deflation Isn't An Export, Crazy Talk Is – Seeking Alpha

The question concerns Japan , as so many questions soon will. The statement is made that the aggressive quantitative easing by the Bank of Japan is “exporting deflation ,” and is thus the profligate monetary policy of Japan … [...]

Preparedness – Seeking Alpha

St. Louis Federal Reserve President Bullard Wednesday told an audience at the Hyman Minsky Conference in New York that it is “too early” to worry about deflation . That statement must hit most readers of this column as … [...]

Bank of Japan $520bn kickstart to economy — RT Business

The Bank of Japan shocked markets on Thursday when it announced an aggressive stimulus plan to combat over 20 years of deflation , declaring a 'new phase of monetary easing both in terms of quantity and [...]

Japan: Monetary Madness in Times of Unsustainable Deficits …

Japan's government has vowed to end deflation by pursuing both depression-era fiscal policy and aggressive monetary policy. We recently analyzed implications of Japan's planned fiscal policies for the yen (see “How Low … [...]

AS Macroeconomics Chapter 16 – Inflation, deflation, employment and unemployment – JR & JS

The topic of inflation and unemployment through the character of [...]

Marc Faber Vs Michael Shedlock – Inflation vs Deflation Debate


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Marc Faber Vs Michael Shedlock – Inflation vs Deflation Debate