October 2020
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Tax Hike in Japan to test fight against Deflation – Your …

There is a big test coming up for the Prime Minister of Japan , Shinzo Abe, and his own brand of economic policies which have been labelled “Abenomics”. Abe has launched a range of aggressive measures to end deflation [...]

Japan approves record budget and drops 'deflation' from key …

The Japanese cupboard approved a file substantial spending budget for the subsequent financial year on Tuesday as component of the primary [...]

Japanese Consumer Prices Increase, Signalling End of Deflation …

After five years of deflation , the price of consumer goods in Japan is on the way up after a series of measures from key policymakers bring an end to deflation [...]

Sounding the Horne: The Economic And Political Establishment …

DeLong is, in my view, trying to whitewash his contemporaries who did not see the crisis coming, and inaccurately trying to associate them with Hyman Minsky whose theory of debt deflation anticipated many dimensions of the … [...]

Philip Pilkington: Krugman Makes Accusations of Fundamentalism …

Krugman claims that Keen is attacking him because Keen somehow thinks that Minsky's analysis is Holy Writ. This is complete nonsense. Keen is attacking Krugman because his frankly lazy reading of Minsky has led him to … [...]

The Global Debt "Minsky Moment"

He feels that the global ” Minsky moment” has arrived, and a combination of debt restructuring, inflation and growth need to be deployed. The speech contains several superb graphics that beautifully … Now that the bubbles have been deflated and the business cycle has changed direction, all these aforementioned macroeconomic indicators are naturally on the way down to their pre-bubble (not pre-crisis) norms. [...]

FOR THE RECORD: The global Minsky moment has arrived | iPolitics

In the Bank's view, that is best accomplished through a flexible inflation-targeting framework, applied symmetrically, to guard against both higher inflation and the possibility of deflation . The most palatable strategy to reduce … [...]