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Deflation-Phobia Set To Bring On More Monetary Inflation – Seeking …

“Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda's bid to end 15 years of persistent deflation is endangered by the failure of counterparts in the U.S. And Europe to meet their own price goals. Citigroup Inc.'s Inflation Surprise Index  … [...]

The Foolproof Way To Fight Deflation or the Road to Ruin? | Variant …

… as Japan needs this. He is also following the advice of Swedish economist Lars Svensson, who over a number of years now has been advocating currency weakening as the key tool in his “foolproof way” to beat deflation [...]

WHY MINSKY MATTERS: Part One | The Bagehot Post

WHY MINSKY MATTERS: Part One: My friend Steve Keen recently presented a “primer” on Hyman Minsky ; you can read it here: minsky / In his piece, Steve criticized the methodology used by Paul Krugman and argued that Krugman could learn a lot from Minsky . In particular Krugman's equilibrium approach and … dynamics was contrasted to Minsky's rich analysis. Finally, Krugman's model of debt deflation … [...]

Economics without a blind-spot on debt | The Bagehot Post

Ben Bernanke rejected Irving Fisher's “Debt Deflation ” explanation for the Great Depression on this basis; after noting that Fisher did influence Roosevelt's policies, Bernanke added that: 'Fisher's idea was less influential in academic circles, though, because of the … It also is the primary way in which speculation on asset prices is financed, as Minsky emphasised ( Minsky 1982, p. 24). The crisis we are in suddenly becomes entirely explicable—and predictable before … [...] – BOJ's Shirakawa says will do utmost to beat deflation

Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said on Tuesday the central bank would continue to do its utmost to achieve sustained economic growth with price stability, signalling its readiness to maintain an ultra-easy … [...] – Japan Dec core CPI falls 0.1 pct year/year

Keywords: JAPAN ECONOMY/ DEFLATION . (For Japanese economic coverage click: — Real-time Japanese indicator diary — Japanese macro economic news — Japanese economic indicator news — Economic indicator news … [...] – UPDATE 1-Japan wholesale prices climb but deflation …

Japanese wholesale prices rose at a faster pace than expected in November due to higher energy costs, but a firm yen and weak domestic demand will likely curb price increases ahead, suggesting the economy will continue … [...] – Japan aims to beat deflation in 2 years-govt draft

Japan aims to end deflation within the next two years counting on reconstruction spending and efforts to spur private demand to bring back sustained increases in prices, the government's draft economic revival plan said on … [...]