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Edward.Hugh.Blog: Will Japan Re-enter Deflation in April 2015?

Reading the most recent statements from Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda or Finance Minister Taro Aso you would get the impression that the days of deflation are now well and truly numbered in Japan [...]

Japan deflation ebbs, output up; BOJ target still elusive | WORLD …

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan's factory output picked up in April and deflation abated slightly as a weaker yen and firmer overseas demand boosted growth, boding well for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's efforts to shake the world's … [...]

Japan launches campaign against deflation – The Voice of Russia

On Thursday, the Bank of Japan announced a campaign against deflation that has been going on in the country for the past fifteen [...]

Guest Post: Of Krugman And Minsky | Zero Hedge

In a recent column, he cited Minsky ostensibly to defend Alan Greenspan's loose monetary policies. Krugman … In endorsing Minsky's view, Krugman is coming closer to the truth. But he … Or another one: Deflation is [...]

NewsDaily: Japan government nominates Kuroda, Iwata, Nakaso to …

24, 2013 (Reuters) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is seeking to put at the top of the Bank of Japan two officials with different views on how to beat deflation , which could complicate decision-making in an already split board as it … [...]

IMF Presses Japan on Deflation | Global WordPress Themes – News

The International Monetary Fund said that the Japanese government and central bank must do more to combat deflation , but expressed sympathy for Tokyo's [...]

Debt, Innovations and Deflation: The Theories of Veblen, Fisher …

Debt, Innovations and Deflation : The Theories of Veblen, Fisher, Schumpeter and Minsky book download J. Patrick Raines and Charles G. Leathers Download Debt, Innovations and Deflation : The Theories of Veblen, Fisher, … [...]

Japan's Govt, BoJ Need To Work Hard To Combat Deflation …

FXOpen provides the same trading opportunities to individuals and private companies that have been traditionally only offered to large financial institutions. Here you can read more from internet: Japan's Govt, BoJ Need To Work Hard To … [...]

French Auction Fails To Sell Max Projected As Bid-To-Cover …

Let the deflationary wave crash so we can start the inflationary tsunami! Bring all asset classes …. Hopefully the upcoming Minsky Moment will be powerful enough to reverberate for many generations to come. Secretly, I'm … [...]