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Japanese Style Deflation Coming? Where? Fed Falling Behind

Japan -style deflation across the Eurozone is no longer an outrageous thought. As you can see from chart 1, there is a close link between CPI and demographics. That has certainly been the case in Japan and I don't see [...]

BOJ's Sato warns euro area of Japan-style deflation risk

The euro area may face a prolonged period of disinflation that risks harming long-term price expectations, a Bank of Japan policymaker said, warning that the region should not take lightly the potential danger of slipping into [...]

Japanese Style of Deflation à la Mode | Think the Unthinkable Future.

Having come back from the Niyodo River, one of the most beautiful Japanese rivers in the Kochi Prefecture shown above, I just pick up some articles and columns which simply point out the world community is now heading [...]

Tax Hike in Japan to test fight against Deflation – Your …

There is a big test coming up for the Prime Minister of Japan , Shinzo Abe, and his own brand of economic policies which have been labelled “Abenomics”. Abe has launched a range of aggressive measures to end deflation [...]

The ECB's Tough Balancing Act – Bubbles vs Deflation | Gary …

They are held accountable to the ruling politicians that in most cases have no respect for the principle of sound money. Instead, in Europe, the UK, Japan , the US, and elsewhere, central bankers have become intricately linked  … [...]

Draghi Will Act to Avoid Deflationary Spiral | Sober Look …

The Eurozone is facing a growing risk of deflation – similar to Japan . Once the inflation rate in Japan fell below 1%, the external shock of the Asian currency crisis (late 90s) sent Japan into a deflationary spiral – something the … [...]

The Skeptical Speculator: BoJ sees end to Japan's deflation, US …

Japan reported on Friday that its consumer prices excluding fresh food fell 0.5 percent in March from the previous year, signalling continued deflation . There was no immediate reaction from the Bank of Japan . Its latest … [...]

Currency peace: G20 gives BOJ a pass for deflation fight … – Reuters

The Group of 20 nations largely gave a green light to Japan's efforts to ward off deflation . … Currency peace: G20 gives BOJ a pass for deflation fight. By Pedro da Costa. April 22, 2013. Email · Print … [...]

Eurozone risks Japan-style deflation trap as ECB stays tight | www …

Eurozone risks Japan -style deflation trap as ECB stays tight. Thu, 03/07/2013 – 15:14 EDT. RDF10. The European Central Bank has cut its eurozone growth forecast to minus 0.5pc this year and warned of glacially-slow recovery in 2014, but … [...]

Guest Post: Of Krugman And Minsky | Zero Hedge

In a recent column, he cited Minsky ostensibly to defend Alan Greenspan's loose monetary policies. Krugman … In endorsing Minsky's view, Krugman is coming closer to the truth. But he … Or another one: Deflation is [...]