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Confounded Interest | Japan's Consumer Confidence Crashes …

Japan's industrial production also fell 2.3% last week, the biggest drop since the Tsunami. jaoanip0514. Japan is still experiencing deflation in home prices are their housing bubble peak in 1991. For comparison, U.S. [...]

Yen-Pinching Undercuts Japan's Push Against Years of Deflation …

But as Mr. Abe faces pressure to show results in his fight to lead Japan out of deflation , he is urging cash hoarders like Ms. Nishimura to change their modest mind-sets — for the economy's sake, as well as for their [...]

How to amuse and misinform (with charts) | Historinhas

Japan's relatively slow growth is the result of demography, not deflation . Japan grew slowly after its stock market collapsed in 1990. Prices rose to 1998 and then fell as inflation gave way to deflation. While prices rose the  … [...]

Demographics: Bear Market, Global Recession And Deflation …

Europe has structural problems, a cautious central bank, and a relatively strong currency, mirroring 1990s Japan and making it the candidate for the first into deflation . China is closed to migration and thus trapped in a sharp  … [...]

Good news: Japan is finally defeating deflation. Bad news: Japan is …

Japan seems like it is finally turning the tide in its decades-long battle with deflation . Broad-based, persistent declines in prices are a drag on economic growth. (If prices are falling, it's a good idea to hold off on spending and  … [...]

Shinzo's Samurai – Fighting Deflation in Japan | The Principal Blog

During a recent visit to the United States, the message of Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe to President Obama was “ Japan is back!” This is Abe's economic battle cry in his fight to end two decades of deflation , meager … [...]