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Chinese and Japanese Deflationary Economies | James Hall …

The global economy has just hit the wall. Do not underestimate the significance of the Asian downturn. Japan saw a dramatic rebirth after WWII and China was transformed into an industrial powerhouse from the “Free [...]

Growth and Inflation In America: Why Deflation Is Knocking at the …

I don't track growth and inflation rates for Japan and the Euro zone, but it seems highly likely that the deflationary pressures in Japan for more than a decade and in the Euro zone recently are a direct result of prolonged [...]

Edward.Hugh.Blog: Will Japan Re-enter Deflation in April 2015?

Reading the most recent statements from Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda or Finance Minister Taro Aso you would get the impression that the days of deflation are now well and truly numbered in Japan [...]

Fed Balance Sheet vs. Stock Market; Will QE Cause Inflation? US in …

In response to Japan Near Stagnation Following 9 Months of Growth; Service Sector Prices Back in Deflation ; Spotlight on Abenomics My friend “BC” writes . … Minsky noted that 'euphoria' might develop at this stage. Investors  … [...]

Preparedness | Michael Ashton | Safehaven.com

St. Louis Federal Reserve President Bullard today told an audience at the Hyman Minsky Conference in New York that it is “too early” to worry about deflation . That statement must hit most readers of this column as hysterically … [...]

Why Bernanke Can't Stop Deflation | Clif Droke | Safehaven.com

BOJ Governor Kuroda has previously said that he would do “whatever it takes” to drive growth in Japan. The central bank underscored its commitment to fighting deflation by announcing that it would also buy riskier assets [...]

Don't Expect Miracles From The New Japanese Government …

But the central bank has expanded the money supply enormously, and demand for credit is so weak that it has been unable to stop deflation .” — WSJ editorial, ” Japan's New Old Hawk”, Dec. 17th 2012. The Journal is giving … [...]

Media Lens Message Board: Monetizing Japan.

Japan's next prime minister has a plan for ending deflation , increasing exports and boosting growth. Unfortunately, entrenched elites in big business and at the Central Bank (Bank of Japan ) want to sabotage Shinzo Abe's … [...]

Bibliography on Debt Deflation – Social Democracy for the 21st …

“The Macrodynamics of Debt Deflation ,” in Riccardo Bellofiore and Piero Ferri (eds.), Financial Fragility and Investment in the Capitalist Economy: The Economic Legacy of Hyman Minsky , Volume II. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham … [...]

Shisaku: Well, So Much For That Eternal Verity

Surely the East Asian Financial crisis and some of Japan's zombie debt (home grown financial crisis) coming home to roost was a far more likely cause of deflation ? Anyway, Japan grew through the middle of the 2000s only to … [...]