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GaveKal Capital: Excluding Tax Increase, Japanese Consumer …

Excluding Tax Increase, Japanese Consumer Prices Are Already Back in Deflation . The recent sales tax increase in Japan is wreaking havoc with price statistics, making year-over-year comparisons basically [...]

Noahpinion: Japan and the liquidity trap

Certainly, liquidity trap models are consistent with one important piece of the Japan story: the coupling of persistent deflation with zero nominal interest rates. As I said in the update to my last post, liquidity trap models might be  … [...]

Deflation in Japan? – The Mises Economics Blog

The topic of deflation has risen to new heights in Japan because the new Prime Minister has promised to fight deflation and to set new minimum inflation targets for the Bank of Japan [...]

American Kabuki: "The Bank of Japan has also been taken over and …

The Government and the Bank share the recognition that the critical challenge for Japan's economy is to overcome deflation as early as possible and to return to a sustainable growth path with price stability. The Government … [...]

What Austrian Economics IS and What Austrian Economics Is NOT with Steve Horwitz

Steve Horwitz, Professor of Economics at St. Lawrence University, explains what Austrian Economics is and what Austrian Economics is not, clearing up some [...]

Japan's Govt, BoJ Need To Work Hard To Combat Deflation …

FXOpen provides the same trading opportunities to individuals and private companies that have been traditionally only offered to large financial institutions. Here you can read more from internet: Japan's Govt, BoJ Need To Work Hard To … [...]

ALERT! Deflation!

That is the DEFINITION of deflation . The crisis is coming to its dénouement and it seems to be a long period of deflation and depression, like Japan's lost years (it keeps losing them even today). I am indebted and fear chills my blood; may be I … [...]

Transitional Economy 2012 – 2015

Four major trends will shape the global economy over the next three years: Debt Deflation, Euro Zone Fracture, China’s Great Wall of Money, and Peak Cheap [...]