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Diary of a Republican Hater: David Glasner Nails Bernanke

So the, the very critical difference between the Japanese situation 15 years ago and the U.S. situation today is that, Japan was in deflation and clearly, when you're in deflation and in recession, then both sides of your … [...]

Analysis: Bank of Japan running out of arguments against long bond …

TOKYO (Reuters) – The Bank of Japan has gone a long way in granting the government's wishes in the past months with its firm pledge to end deflation and [...]

Philip Pilkington: Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman Selectively Quotes …

Post-Keynesian economist and sometimes Naked Capitalism contributor Steve Keen wrote a cogent article critiquing a Paul Krugman paper on Minsky and debt deflation . The key issue was that the so-called money multiplier … [...]

Philip Pilkington: Krugman Makes Accusations of Fundamentalism …

Krugman claims that Keen is attacking him because Keen somehow thinks that Minsky's analysis is Holy Writ. This is complete nonsense. Keen is attacking Krugman because his frankly lazy reading of Minsky has led him to … [...]

Intermarket Analysis of the Bond Market Renders Technical …

Bill Gross On Minsky's Take Of The Liquidity Trap: From “Hedge” To “Securitised” To “Ponzi” · Huggies Price Cut Shows Why Bond Market Backs Bernanke QE3. One friend is a professional trader and the other is a CFA analyst. Both more or less … If Fed Chairman Bernanke's deflation worries hold any water, then the trajectory of this chart should move upward, not [...]

Icelandic Economics: Debt And Interest Rate Comparison

About the Icelandic Economy, the European Economic Crisis, debt and deflation . “Words ought to be a little wild…” … Minsky and Keynes influence my [...]