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The Japanese Deflation Myth and the Yen's Slump – Brendan Brown …

The Japanese government claims it's still fighting deflation , although there are no signs of it in Japan . Abenomics, however, makes the future of the yen anyone's [...]

test: Bank Of Japan: On Track To Beat Deflation

Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said Thursday that Tokyo Electric Power Co.s use of data regarding contamination levels of storage tank leaks at its Fukushima plant were inaccurate and exaggerated  … [...]

$a firms as japan sees end to deflation – www.thebull.com.au

the australian dollar has firmed as japan's economics minister forecast an end to deflation [...]

Time for Japan to Get “Credibly Irresponsible” | The Financialist

A decade and a half later, Japan is still struggling with deflation and sluggish growth, but it has finally adopted the kind of inflation targets that Krugman and others pushed for in the 1990s. Japan's central bankers and  … [...]

The Economics Forum 21: The Minsky Moment: How Paul Krugman …

A ” Minsky Moment” in which both the lender (“patient capitalist”) and the borrower (“impatient capitalist”) finally realise that theirs is sheer “speculation” and that the “profits” they anticipated from production are not going to materialise …. But Krugman simply “has” to confront this problem – and he does, as we saw, when he acknowledges that “debt-deleveraging” (or Fisherian debt- deflationary ) “shocks” occur when our dear “patient and impatient” capitalists “suddenly … [...]

Pumping It Up | TheTradersWire.com

Popular financial blogger Mish Shedlock has been arguing, correctly, that the US will “go in and out of deflation over a period of years, just like Japan .” Mish defines his terms as follows: Inflation: a net increase in money … [...]

Pumping It Up | NWOTruth

According to Mish, “If one woodenly sticks to the view that inflation and deflation are about prices (while ignoring a devastating collapse in housing), then yes, the US is still in a period of inflation. Likewise, if one foolishly sticks to measures of money supply like M1, M2,.. … In his teachings, Hyman Minsky discussed how Ponzi finance and financial instability distort asset prices and financial markets. With the Fed's incessant QE-Infinity (money printing) practices, our … [...]

Will Bernanke Policy Actually "Destroy Credit Creation …

In this Minsky drew on the work of the economist Irving Fisher who wrote about credit inflations and debt deflations . Minsky , like Fisher, argued that during the period of credit inflation the cumulative build up of debt would at some point become … [...]

Japan's Govt, BoJ Need To Work Hard To Combat Deflation …

FXOpen provides the same trading opportunities to individuals and private companies that have been traditionally only offered to large financial institutions. Here you can read more from internet: Japan's Govt, BoJ Need To Work Hard To … [...]

Hyman Minsky – blog*spot

Minsky also points out the tendency under capitalism to continually evolve new financial instruments and new markets for trading in second-hand debt. (Thus, a regulatory regime will also need to evolve if a recurrence of debt- deflation is to be … [...]