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Why is deflation continuing in Europe and Japan?

Here is an update from Japan : Four years after the Bank of Japan set a 2 percent inflation target, price gains may still be coming up short, according to a survey of economists by Bloomberg News. Consumer prices will rise [...]

Japan's new plan to beat deflation – more baseball | SBS News

A set of recommendations to lift growth in Japan's economy drafted by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's party seen by Reuters calls for slashing corporate taxes, reforming public pensions, and — in a curve ball — increasing [...]

Sober Look: The clock is ticking on Abe to implement labor reform …

In their recent report Barclays Capital researchers suggested that Japan's prolonged deflation has at least in part been driven by demographics. For years Japan's “wage curve's” shape has been highly unusual relative to  … [...]

Fixing Japan's deflation requires labour-market reforms | vox

Abenomics is all the rage. Japan's GDP grew at an annual rate of 3.5% in the first quarter, the stock market went up by almost 30% since December, and despite some uncertainties, sentiments, consumption, and exports are  … [...]

AIC 2013 Replay: Address: Japan’s economy — can it be rescued and revived by ‘Abenomics’?

Yasuhisa Shiozaki, a senior policy maker from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, makes the case for the new brand of economics being espoused by [...]

Noahpinion: How is Abenomics doing?

Since Abe's election, Japan has slipped back into deflation : FRED Graph. But inflation expectations, as measured by breakevens on the Japanese version of TIPS, are up – to 1%. So maybe we'll see this deflation turn around … [...]

NewsDaily: Japan government nominates Kuroda, Iwata, Nakaso to …

24, 2013 (Reuters) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is seeking to put at the top of the Bank of Japan two officials with different views on how to beat deflation , which could complicate decision-making in an already split board as it … [...]

Bank Of Japan Meeting: The St. Valentine's Day Massacre | Global …

In December 1999 Ben Bernanke delivered a paper titled Japanese Monetary Policy: A Case of Self-Induced Paralysis? whereby he criticized the Bank of Japan for not doing enough to stem the deflation that had plagued … [...]

NewsDaily: Japan voters back PM Abe's efforts to spur growth, beat …

More than two thirds of Japanese voters support Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet, a media survey published on Monday showed, with many of them praising his efforts to battle deflation and stimulate the [...]

NewsDaily: Japan finance minister says won't insist on policy accord …

New Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called on the Bank of Japan to share a 2 percent inflation target with the government, double the bank's current price goal, to show its determination to beat deflation . Under pressure, the … [...]