October 2020
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Politicians Need to Learn to Love Deflation | RealClearMarkets

To add some empirical evidence to this argument, let's look at Japan . Japan is often pointed to as an example of how deadly deflation can be to an economy. Yet while Japan has definitely struggled economically for [...]

RealClearMarkets – It's Time to Banish the Deflation Bogeyman

Japan is often held out as the example of the dangers of deflation . The idea is that if prices fall, consumers will delay purchases to take advantage of lower prices in the future. This decline in demand will cause prices to [...]

Linkfest: Push to wind down Fannie, Freddie; Stock exchanges seek …

Senate leaders in bipartisan push to wind down Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac. NYSE, NASDAQ push for wider tick spreads. Deflation mindset hard to break in Japan ; Coming soon to USA? The down of an age of drones, robots,  … [...]

Investors see deflation as bigger threat than inflation – CNBC.com

Euro zone inflation fell to 0.7 percent on year in October – its lowest since November 2009 – triggering worries that the region is at risk of a Japan -style deflationary rut. “Low/falling inflation suggests that right now deflation is  … [...]

Poll: Will Masaaki Shirakawa Succeed in Overcoming Persistent …

Follow @CFAInstitute. In a poll conducted earlier this week in the CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief, we asked professional investors whether the Bank of Japan can overcome persistent deflation by engineering mild [...]