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Why QE May Lead to DEFLATION In the Long Run Washington's Blog

Quantitative easing (QE) was supposed to stimulate the economy and pull us out of deflation . But the third round of quantitative easing (“QE3?) in the U.S. failed to raise inflation expectations. And QE hasn't worked in Japan [...]

How deflation would affect European markets | Financial Post

Europe's struggle with deflation has had a negative impact on capital markets this autumn, but it could get even worse for investors if European price levels continue to fall like in Japan in the 1990s, says a new report [...]

Albert Edwards says investors should watch the Japanese yen and …

Edwards says Japan is just as apt to lead the way. When the Internet bubble burst in 2000, Japan's tech-heavy Jasdaq index started to slide weeks before the Nasdaq. Japan also pioneered the deflation that now threatens [...]

ECB's Mario Draghi unveils historic measures to rescue Europe from …

… Central Bank cut interest rates to record lows on Thursday, launched a series of measures to pump money into the sluggish euro zone economy, and pledged to do more if needed to fight off the risk of Japan -like deflation [...]

Half the world economy is one accident away from a deflation trap …

Markets have a touching faith that the same Politburo responsible for a US$24-trillion credit bubble – 1.5 times larger than the U.S. banking system – will deflate it gently with a skill that eluded the Bank of Japan in [...]

Japan's War On Deflation Gets A Boost As Consumer Prices Rise At …

Japan's war on deflation got a boost last month with a key inflation indicator rising at its fastest pace in 15 years, new data showed on Friday, as Tokyo battles to reverse years of falling prices. Stripping out volatile food and  … [...]

Why the Fed should worry about deflation – The Term Sheet …

And even though Japan has tried hard to end 15 years of deflation , the world's third-largest economy has seen only modest relief. In August, U.S. inflation rose just above its slowest pace at an annual pace to 1.2% — below the  … [...]

Bitcoin's Deflationary Weirdness | New Economic Perspectives

But economists associate deflation with two negative phenomena: First, if prices are falling then the incentive to hoard the currency increases, since anybody who possesses that currency is seeing its value increase each [...]

Kuroda Pledges to Do Whatever Needed to Combat Japan Deflation …

Bloomberg Kuroda Pledges to Do Whatever Needed to Combat Japan Deflation Bloomberg Haruhiko Kuroda, nominated to be the next Bank of Japan [...]