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Randy Wray — Hyman Minsky and the Employer of Last Resort

Randy Wray — Hyman Minsky and the Employer of Last Resort. Collection of Minksy's articles on the JG, and a link …. Mosler Discussing Deflation on WKRO Radio Recordin… Austerity is not the only answer to a debt problem … [...]

Japanese Yen’s bumpy ride holds promise and danger – economy

http://www.euronews.com/ The Japanese Yen has gone through the 100 to the dollar mark for the first time since April 2009, and is now at a four-year low [...]

Pumping It Up | TheTradersWire.com

Popular financial blogger Mish Shedlock has been arguing, correctly, that the US will “go in and out of deflation over a period of years, just like Japan .” Mish defines his terms as follows: Inflation: a net increase in money … [...]

Pumping It Up | NWOTruth

According to Mish, “If one woodenly sticks to the view that inflation and deflation are about prices (while ignoring a devastating collapse in housing), then yes, the US is still in a period of inflation. Likewise, if one foolishly sticks to measures of money supply like M1, M2,.. … In his teachings, Hyman Minsky discussed how Ponzi finance and financial instability distort asset prices and financial markets. With the Fed's incessant QE-Infinity (money printing) practices, our … [...]

French Auction Fails To Sell Max Projected As Bid-To-Cover …

Let the deflationary wave crash so we can start the inflationary tsunami! Bring all asset classes …. Hopefully the upcoming Minsky Moment will be powerful enough to reverberate for many generations to come. Secretly, I'm … [...]