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German bond yields to trump Japan as ECB battles deflation …

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 14-Nov (Telegraph) — German bond yields are to fall below Japanese levels and plumb depths never seen before in history as Europe becomes the epicentre of global deflationary [...]

Sisyphean Fed Struggle to Create Inflation; Faber on Gross

Faber on Gross' Deflation Theory and Japan's Bond Ponzi Scheme In a Bloomberg TV interview, Trish Regan asked Marc Faber about Gross' deflation theory. Faber also discussed Japan's latest QE endeavor. Faber [...]

Japan: Printing Up Miracles And Mirages – Seeking Alpha

There are numerous explanations as to what has caused Japan's persistent deflation , and depending on what view one takes as to the underlying causes, it can be understood as either benign (or rather, I would argue,  … [...]

The State as the Employer of last Resort ~ Global Labour Column

The deflationary exit strategy from the crisis advocated by the European elites can only lead to a long, painful recession. In the wake … Here, Minsky identifies two anti-unemployment strategies that are richly instructive [...]

Deflation Coming For Stocks (And Dividend Stocks) Too? – Seeking …

The fact is that monetary easing and deflation can go hand-in-hand for a long period of time. The economic situation of Japan over the last couple of decades clearly shows this. Japan was the inventor of the modern version of … [...]

Merijn Knibbe — Graph of the day – a deflation shock in Japan

Merijn Knibbe — Graph of the day – a deflation shock in Japan. Real-World Economics Review Blog Graph of the day – a …. Steve Keen — Kickstart Minsky Now! Anatole Kaletsky — A breakthrough speech on [...]

American Kabuki: "The Bank of Japan has also been taken over and …

The Government and the Bank share the recognition that the critical challenge for Japan's economy is to overcome deflation as early as possible and to return to a sustainable growth path with price stability. The Government … [...]

Could Gold Be Tripped Up by a Coming Deflation? « The Burning …

One of the very measures that allows Japan to escape a rather severe deflation compared to what we experienced in the early 1920s following World War I or in the '30s during the Great Depression was the Japanese savings … [...]

nakedempire: ''Central Bankers Choice Between Deflationary or …

That depression became deflationary , 1931-34, because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (1934) did not exist. Depositors took their money out and did not redeposit it. That created monetary deflation through the … [...]

Mike Norman Economics: Hugh Hendry – 'Bad things are going to …

Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: debt deflation , depression, Hyman Minsky , Irving Fisher … Hendry also talks about debt deflation and he has called for debt relief. He adamantly holds the position that the banks … [...]