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Sweden reacts as Krugman likens price slip Japanese style deflation

Policy makers are uniting against Krugman after the Nobel Laureate likened price developments in Scandinavia's biggest economy to Japan's battle with deflation . “I'm surprised that he's drawing parallels to Japan ,” [...]

No deflation in May in Japan – economy

It seems the Bank of Japan’s stimulus measures have been having some effect as prices there stopped… euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe [...]

Deflation Nation: Surreal "Slow Motion" Societal Collapse Is [...]

Falling eurozone inflation raises deflation fears – economy Falling prices – particularly in Germany and France – pulled eurozone inflation to its lowest for three years in April. The sharp [...]

Peter Schiff Walks Back Inflation Prediction Deflation Now Probable

A man who prides himself on his track record needs to be held to [...]

Peter Schiff explains how a US depression can cause a global ‘death spiral’

Former World Bank economist Richard Duncan appeared on CNBC over the weekend explaining how the US government is delaying the economy from going into a [...]

Robert Wenzel on the parallels of Soviet Russia and modern day America

Subscribe to our newsletter at On behalf of the GoldMoney Foundation, Andy Duncan interviews Robert Wenzel at the [...]

AIC 2013 Replay: Address: Japan’s economy — can it be rescued and revived by ‘Abenomics’?

Yasuhisa Shiozaki, a senior policy maker from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, makes the case for the new brand of economics being espoused by [...]

Economics for Children.

Episode One – [...]

Economics Presentation

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