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Minsky's Theory of Asset Prices: Why Minsky Was NOT a Neo …

On a recent blogpost that I wrote there was some confusion in the comments section regarding Hyman Minsky's theories and their relationship to the phenomenon of rising asset prices. I have seen this confusion made many times … The money that was used to purchase them — whether debt financed or not — was a residual; an important residual, as Ponzi debts might lead to asset price deflations , but still a residual. In these theories debt does not cause anything  … [...]

No deflation in May in Japan – economy

It seems the Bank of Japan’s stimulus measures have been having some effect as prices there stopped… euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe [...]

Coppola Comment: Inflation, deflation and QE

A look at the inflation path for the period 2001-2006, when Japan was doing QE, doesn't suggest a close relationship between QE and inflation. Historical Data Chart The initial impact seems to have been deflation , though … [...]

Is the Global Economic Bubble About to Burst? – Yra Harris #N3

Every week, it seems, we are barraged with bad news about unemployment and our stagnant economy — followed immediately by news that the Dow Jones Index is [...]

The Japanese Laugh At Peter Schiff’s Idiotic Notion That Deflation Is Good For Their Economy

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/17/world/asia/17japan.html?pagewanted=all [...]

Economics The Great Depression

the great depression. moving through problems in the [...]

TF2 Economics- Key Inflation Explained

EDIT: Ignore what I said about it becoming F2P. The idle accounts have always increased over time, so that’s still why the supply of ref is increasing, but [...]

Robert Wenzel on the parallels of Soviet Russia and modern day America

Subscribe to our newsletter at http://www.goldmoney.com/goldresearch. On behalf of the GoldMoney Foundation, Andy Duncan interviews Robert Wenzel at the [...]

Deflation and Liberty (3/18/13)

The Mises Circle discusses Guido Hülsmann’s “Deflation and Liberty” and can’t help but start talking about [...]

WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity ETF: A Smart Play – Seeking Alpha

I stumbled in to this ETF a while back after reading about the efforts of the Bank of Japan to curb the chronic deflationary issues of the Japanese economy. Before seeking out a way to capitalize, I chose to look a little bit deeper … [...]