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Deflation in Japan may finally be 'dead' – CNBC.com

' Deflation in Japan is dead': Strategist. John Vail, Chief Global Strategist, Investment Strategy Group, Nikko Asset Management, says April's inflation report indicates that Japan is winning the war against deflation [...]

Will Japan's Central Bank Deliver or Disappoint?

The outcome of this week's Bank of Japan (BOJ) meeting will arguably be the most closely-watched in years given high expectations for a radical monetary policy to end two decades of deflation . So, will Japan's central bank … [...]

Japan Needs Neighbor's Love, Not Cheap Money

There is a much simpler and faster way for Japan to stimulate economic growth and get out of deflation than printing more [...]

Why It's Time to Underweight Japan

“We feel the excitement over 'Abenomics' is now priced in, and the Bank of Japan has yet again shown it will do nothing dramatic to end deflation ,” he said. HSBC forecasts the Topix Index will end the year at 900 – 3 percent … [...]

Japan PM Says BOJ Must Set 2% Medium-Term Inflation Goal

… Abe said the Bank of Japan (BOJ) must set a 2 percent inflation target and make it a medium-term, not long-term, goal to show markets it was determined to pursue bold monetary easing to end nearly two decades of deflation [...]

Picture This: The dollar at 100 Yen

Keen to tackle the deflation that has dogged Japan's economy for years, Abe wants the cautious Bank of Japan to adopt a 2 percent inflation target – something the central bank is expected to consider when it meets later this … [...]

Shinzo Abe Gets Second Chance at Japan's Top Job

Abe, 58, has promised aggressive monetary easing by the Bank of Japan and big fiscal spending by the debt-laden government to slay deflation and weaken the yen to make Japanese exports more [...]

Why Japan's Nikkei Could Rally 30% Next Year – CNBC.com

Japan's stock market could rally nearly 30 percent in 2013 due to a drive to reflate the economy under the country's new premier, says Daiwa Securities' CEO. … Related. Japan's Abe: No Reform Unless Deflation Is Defeated … [...]

In Japan, a Test of Inflation Targets

For two decades, Japan has provided stark evidence that chronic deflation is possible in a modern economy. Prices have fallen steadily despite extraordinarily low interest rates. The economy has stagnated. This week the … [...]

Will Bank of Japan Adopt Higher Inflation Target – CNBC.com

But politicians like Abe have criticized the central bank for not doing enough to end grinding deflation that has plagued Japan for the past 15 years. Print Email. The Bank of Japan will consider no later than January whether to … [...]