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Debt deflation in action: Greece | Real-World Economics Review Blog

Household debt in Greece is pretty low (70% of GDP, 2013), at least compared with countries like the Netherlands (139%, 2012), Denmark (149%, 2012) or Ireland (112%, 2012). Also, after 2010 Greek households paid [...]

Haruhiko Kuroda intends to turn a mild deflation into 2% inflation …

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) governor Haruhiko Kuroda wants to finally eliminate the scourge of deflation . Mr Kuroda intends to achieve a new 2% inflation target handed down by Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in this … [...]

In Japan It's "Whatever(er) It Takes" | Zero Hedge

There hasn't been deflation in terms of the broadest and most relevant basket of goods in Japan since their markets were Bernank'd (before Bernanke was a scourge on the face of the globe) beginning in the early [...]

Eurozone risks Japan-style deflation trap as ECB stays tight | www …

Eurozone risks Japan -style deflation trap as ECB stays tight. Thu, 03/07/2013 – 15:14 EDT. RDF10. The European Central Bank has cut its eurozone growth forecast to minus 0.5pc this year and warned of glacially-slow recovery in 2014, but … [...]

Deflation and Depression: Is There an Empirical Link? « Analyse …

We note here that since WWII, one country has come close to having both a depression and a deflation : Japan in the late 1990s. Is Japan's recent slowdown from a historically high average growth primarily due to its very low … [...]

Macronomics: Credit – Structural Instability

The great Hyman Minsky thesis was “stability leads to instability”, we would argue that dwindling liquidity and excessive spread tightening in core quality credit spreads courtesy of zero interest rates policy in both the US and Europe is extremely concerning and are already indicative of a great build up in ….. Labels: Argentina, credit, CreditSights, deflation , deflationary environment, ECB, instability, Loan-to-deposit, Minsky , Minsky Theory, Siemens, Spain, ZIRP … [...]

YourVietnamExpert: Japan – Japan hikes lending to spur growth …

Japan's central bank Tuesday boosted a loan programme by almost $25 billion to kickstart growth and battle deflation as it said the country's stagnant economy was showing signs of picking up. The bank of Japan said it would … [...]

Britain is not following the Japanese script

The Japanese comparison also looks odd in other respects. The key to Japan's lost decades (counting the 20 years since the early 1990s as a failure) was deflation ; falling prices. Though inflation in Britain is falling, at 4.2% it remains [...]

ALERT! Deflation!

That is the DEFINITION of deflation . The crisis is coming to its dénouement and it seems to be a long period of deflation and depression, like Japan's lost years (it keeps losing them even today). I am indebted and fear chills my blood; may be I … [...]