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MacroMania: Who's Afraid of Deflation?

Everyone knows that deflation is bad. Bad, bad, bad. Why is it bad? Well, we learned it in school. We learned it from the pundits on the news. The Great Depression. Japan . What, are you crazy? It's bad. Here, let [...]

The Eurozone's (and Japan's) deflation problem | Sam Wilkin

I tend to be bullish on Europe – partly as a corrective to the mass of commentators who too early wrote off the crisis in the Eurozone as irresolvable. This optimism has been justified by the recent run-up in European [...]

Demographics, Disinflation and Deflation | S O L A R C Y C L E S

The alternative 15-40 ratio measure paints a similar picture of price deflation ahead for five of the most important economies: 23jun14 This explains why ZIRP and QE have failed to bring about inflation in Japan and now the  … [...]

"A Classic Minsky Trap Appears To Have Developed" | Zero Hedge

A classic Minsky Trap appears to have developed. When market participants sense the Fed's unwind is beginning, they (and the central bank) may be surprised by the extent of the reversal. Regulatory constraints may  … [...]

BoJ: Sayonara deflation | Nordea Markets Research

BoJ: Sayonara deflation . Published date: 4 Apr 2013 | Disclaimer. Japan flag. Bank of Japan's new governor, Haruhiko Kuroda, was not afraid of introducing bold monetary policy measures at his first policy meeting: The target for money … [...]

EcPoFi – Economics, Politics, Finance: Government's Monetary and …

Larger and more frequent interventions become necessary to fend off debt deflations and recessions. Minsky correctly criticized neo-classical economics for largely minimizing the impact that financial markets can have on … [...]

Guest Post: The End Of Swiss And Japanese Deflation …

Guest Post: The End Of Swiss And Japanese Deflation . by admin on July 12, 2012. Submitted by George Dorgan from SNBCHF.com. The End of Swiss and Japanese Deflation . Japan and Switzerland among the highest in Year to Date CPI for … [...]