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German bond yields to trump Japan as ECB battles deflation …

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 14-Nov (Telegraph) — German bond yields are to fall below Japanese levels and plumb depths never seen before in history as Europe becomes the epicentre of global deflationary [...]

Japan-style deflation in Europe getting harder to dismiss | MacroScope

Japan's 20-year fight against deflation offers important lessons for the euro zone, which could be about to face a similar battle of its [...]

Euro zone deflation – why does it matter to investors? – By Tom Elliott

Broadly speaking, euro zone policy makers fall into two camps: first, those who see what happened when Japan entered a negative debt- deflation , which contributed to the two 'lost decades' of approximately 1990 to [...]

[57] George Selgin and Kyle Harrington on deflation and the US economy

In today’s headline story, Erin Ade reports on the deflation of expectations surrounding the Sochi Winter Olympics coverage by NBC. It seems NBC thinks its [...]

Don't be afraid of deflation | Edward Hadas – Reuters

They identified 73 five-year periods of price decline and found “virtually no evidence” of any link between deflation and decreased output. The record of contemporary Japan – often cited as an example of the dangers of  … [...]

Week in FX Asia – USD/JPY Appreciates to 98 as Japanese …

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office in September after promising an end to deflation. He set a very aggressive target of 2% in 2 years. Abe was a vocal critic of the Bank of Japan, whose governor was up for [...]

Japan Needs Neighbor's Love, Not Cheap Money

There is a much simpler and faster way for Japan to stimulate economic growth and get out of deflation than printing more [...]

Outgoing Bank of Japan head warns no quick fix to Japan's deflation …

Outgoing Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa warned on Tuesday there is no quick way to fix an economy that has suffered 15 years of deflation and that aggressive money printing alone was [...]

I think we're turning Japanese, I really hope so | The Edgy Optimist

The past 20 years for Japan have been called the lost decades. Government debt is in excess of 200 percent of GDP. The country has suffered from chronic deflation , a sluggish job market, an aging population, an insular … [...]

Deflation watch: Retort curry | Yen for Living – The Japan Times blogs

Tips and features on making, saving and spending yen in Japan [...]