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Japan government says country nearing end to deflation| Reporters …

TOKYO: Japan is approaching an end to deflation , the government said on Thursday, offering its most upbeat view on prices in nearly four years as a steady pick-up in the economy allows more companies to pass on rising  … [...]

Japanese Yen’s bumpy ride holds promise and danger – economy The Japanese Yen has gone through the 100 to the dollar mark for the first time since April 2009, and is now at a four-year low [...]

Japan launches campaign against deflation : Voice of Russia

On Thursday, the Bank of Japan announced a campaign against deflation that has been going on in the country for the past fifteen [...]

NewsDaily: Japan voters back PM Abe's efforts to spur growth, beat …

More than two thirds of Japanese voters support Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet, a media survey published on Monday showed, with many of them praising his efforts to battle deflation and stimulate the [...]

CASSANDRA'S HYPOTHESIS: Spain's Deflationary Quagmire

Spain's deflationary quagmire lies well beyond remedy at this point, dooming Europe's bold but ill-conceived attempt to forge a political and economic union under a single currency. That Spain's collapse is imminent should … [...]

nakedempire: ''Central Bankers Choice Between Deflationary or …

That depression became deflationary , 1931-34, because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (1934) did not exist. Depositors took their money out and did not redeposit it. That created monetary deflation through the … [...]

nakedempire: ''Road Back To Prosperity Is Through Shared Sacrifice …

Lacy: Yes, and so did the people that more or less followed in Fisher's footsteps, principally Charles Kindleberger and Hyman Minsky . Minsky felt that the way you prevented a major debt deflation cycle was to keep the banks … [...]

A to Z searchs: Japan deflation persists

n fact, November data for the Tokyo area showed deeper declines that exceeded analysts' forecasts and backed the view that the Bank of Japan will maintain ultra-easy monetary policy for the foreseeable future. A narrower … [...]