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Japan's new plan to beat deflation: more baseball – News On Japan

Japan's new plan to beat deflation : more baseball. — May 21. Can more baseball save Japan — or at least Abenomics? A set of recommendations to lift growth in Japan's economy drafted by Prime [...]

Deflation 'not on the cards' – world – business |

“We think the threat of deflation is somewhat overdone. The obvious comparison is with Japan in the 1990s and 2000s, where there was genuinely a deflationary situation,” said Philip Shaw, chief economist at [...]

Japan on track to overcome deflation: BOJ Kuroda – News On Japan

The Japanese economy is on track to overcome deflation , Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said at the 2013 Bretton Woods Committee International Council Meeting in Washington on [...]

Japan land prices fall at slowest pace in five years as deflation eases

Japan's land prices fell the least since the global financial crisis in the year to July 1, while commercial land in the three biggest cities rose in value for the first time in the same period, the latest signs that deflation is easing its stubborn grip on  … [...]

Abe's "Deflation-Monster"-Slaying Third-Arrow Hints Underwhelm …

But a mere 10 minutes after vowing to slay the deflation monster, Japanese stocks have retraced their spike gains and JPY has retraced its spike lower – but on the bright side – JGBs are bid. Can you spot the moment Abe … [...]

Japan factory output jumps but deflation remains – News On Japan

Japanese factories churned out a better-than-expected performance in April, but the upbeat data Friday was tempered as the export powerhouse remained mired in deflation [...]

New BOJ chief pledges all-out efforts to combat deflation

New Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda pledged on Thursday to launch full-scale efforts to end deflation in the country, one day after he took the reins of the central [...]

Japan consumer prices fall for third month as deflation lingers

Japan's consumer prices fell for the eighth time in nine months, highlighting the challenges facing the Bank of Japan (8301) in reaching a 2 percent inflation [...]

Exit from deflation 'in sight' / Revitalization minister … – News On Japan

The economy appears to be bottoming out amid high expectations for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's financial policies, as indicated by a monthly government report that excluded deflation from a list of future concerns for the first … [...]

Japan: Healthy man of Asia

With most of the world's economists pointing out that Japan's years of steady deflation have to be stopped, Asianomics says it's not a worry. “Under current policy settings Japan looks to us like one of the safest places on the … [...]