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CHINA´S MINSKY MOMENT – Gonzalo Raffo News

Meanwhile, as Corriente understood, the likelihood of major defaults across the Eurozone rises every day that the ECB does the bare minimum to resist France's and Italy's slide toward deflation . It's not over until the fat lady  … [...]

ekathimerini.com | Draghi deflation risk put at 35% by Morgan …

“Until too late, the Bank of Japan didn't think Japan was going to be entangled with deflation ,” said Kenji Yumoto, vice chairman of the Japan Research Institute Ltd. and an economic adviser to the government in the late  … [...]

NAKED KEYNESIANISM: Palley on The Limits of Minsky's Financial …

Aside from Keynes, no economist seems to have benefited so much from the financial crisis of 2007-08 as the late Hyman Minsky . The collapse of the sub-prime market in August 2007 has been widely labeled a “ Minsky   … [...]

Deflation Theory Reality Check: Why Inflation is Severely Understated

The blog's primary focus is inflation, deflation , and hyperinflation topics, especially currencies, gold, silver, crude, oil, energy and precious metals. Other macro … Minsky is SourceForge's Project of the Month. Augusto  … [...]

Deflation in Greece: rapidly increasing | Real-World Economics …

Almost exactly a year ago (Jan 20), Tyler Cowen asked the question: 'Why is there still inflation in Greece' while, somewhat earlier (Oct 26, 2012), I stated that 'In Greece, deflation and not inflation is the [...]

Mike Norman Economics: Steve Keen — Mun iteration of Minsky …

The “Mun” iteration of Minsky , the Open Source system dynamics program with special features to handle monetary modeling, is now available at SourceForge. DebtWatch. Mun iteration of Minsky now available. Steve [...]

Deflation in Greece | Real-World Economics Review Blog

Dynamite Prize · Dynamite Prize in economics · economic journals · Economic Thought · economics profession · ethics · Minsky · neoclassical economics · Real World Economics Movement · revere award · Revolving-Door  … [...]

Jim Grant Defines Deflation | Zero Hedge

so Japan has had a HUGE deflation going on 25 years now and during the bulk of that time they have monetized the debt on a truly massive scale and it has failed to stem the deflation . obviously times have changed when  … [...]

Should the European Union Emulate Japan's Inflationary Monetary …

For many years now Japan has been plagued by deflation , which has retarded its economic growth; since 1981 the average annual growth of Japanese GDP has been only 2.1 percent. Deflation implies that the value of … [...]

Marc to Market: Japan: More Output, Less Deflation

Japan has released a number of reports early in the Tokyo session that show an economy seemingly on the mend and an easing of deflationary pressures. Ironically, the yen tended to weaken in response, whereas the dollar … [...]