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Datawatch: deflation in Japan | FT Data – Blogs – Financial Times

Ordinarily, nominal gross domestic product grows faster than real GDP, but the deflation that followed Japan's lost decade reversed this and led to both a fall in private consumption and a rise in the country's public [...]


7. Japan's central bank will cancel all the government bonds that it has bought from the Japanese government. Japan's central bank will thus have less capital. The Japanese government will thus not have to pay 'interest',  … [...]

Japan Pummeled By Soaring Food And Energy Prices, Plunging …

… Abenomics was supposed to be. Which is exactly what is going on in Japan . … Japan Pummeled By Soaring Food And Energy Prices, Plunging Wages And Ongoing Core Deflation . Tyler Durden's picture. Submitted by  … [...]

Would the Fiscal Cliff Trigger an Economic Crisis? – Professor Steve Keen, Ph.D.

Please comment, like, and share! Thank you! What is the fiscal cliff? What would be the result of going over? Recession? Economic crisis? Professor Steve Keen, Ph.D., winner of the Revere Award, describes in plain language the risks of going over the fiscal cliff. Dr. Keen provides a full analysis of the “fiscal cliff” in the following paper: www.debtdeflation.com EXTENDED BIOGRAPHY Dr. Keen was one of the handful of economists to realize that a serious economic crisis was coming our way, and to publicly warn of it from as early as December 2005 (mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de This, and his pioneering work on modeling debt-deflation, resulted in him winning the Revere Award from the Real World Economics Review (rwer.wordpress.com for being the economist whose work is most likely to prevent a future financial crisis. He is one of the handful of economists to receive a grant from the Institute for New Economic Thinking (www.ineteconomics.org). Dr. Keen was able to predict the crisis due to economic work that expands upon Keyes, Fischer, and Minsky, utilizing an accounting, flow of funds or circuit model. He was one of the few economists studied for the paper “No One Saw This Coming” (2009) by Bezemer, Dirk J. He is commonly interviewed by TV stations and written up in the press. He is often invited to meetings of financial advisers, hedge funds and economic conferences, world wide. Dr. Keen maintains a highly influential blog on economics (www.debtdeflation.com and his book … [...]

Media Lens Message Board: Monetizing Japan.

Japan's next prime minister has a plan for ending deflation , increasing exports and boosting growth. Unfortunately, entrenched elites in big business and at the Central Bank (Bank of Japan ) want to sabotage Shinzo Abe's … [...]

Bank of Japan's Shirakawa, Boosting QE Against Non – FatCat

Against mounting evidence to the contrary, QE is still seen by some central bankers and more politicians as the elixir that can not only reverse deflation (considered to be Japan's problem, though some, including I, question … [...]

Sector Financial Balances as a Diagnostic Check

So did others using this approach, like MMT economist Randy Wray who combined Godley's method of analysis with Hyman Minsky's . Ann Pettifor also predicted an impending debt deflationary episode in 2003 and again in … [...]

Augusta Metros Learning Center: Debt Induced Recession is a …

{We won't go into a detailed explanation of debt deflation here, but please bing or google (1) Irving Fisher, (2) Hyman Minsky , (3) debt deflation or (4) financial instability hypothesis if you're interested in knowing more about … [...]

Diary of a Republican Hater: Krugman, Stephen Keen and Minsky

In the Depression, we pursued the “liqidantionist” line, that is to say, asset price deflation . This time, in 2008, we again saw a lot of asset price deflation . What is fascinating is what Minsky had to say bout the “stagflationist” [...]

Notes From Underground: U.S. Treasuries, A Fixed Market That Is …

Also, remember that Japan had a huge amount of savings to lean on and therefore a severe bout of inflation to minimize the pain of deflation would have caused huge problems for the pensioners in Tokyo. Deflation in Japan … [...]