September 2020
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Japan's Labor Market Showing 'Significant Improvement' – Business …

Speaking at a global central banking conference here, Kuroda said the central bank's efforts to overcome deflation by stimulating Japan's economy with large-scale asset purchases was proving effective. He added, [...]

Deflation threat still hovers over Japan | Forex Crunch

Idea of the Day The main standout in overnight trade is the yen, which has pushed above the 101.50 area once again. There is a growing belief that [...]

Albert Edwards: Deflation Smaller Risk than Inflation in Japan

Japan has been in deflation for so long, reversing economic agents' entrenched expectations of deflation will be difficult Yet a rise [...]

The Japanese Recovery After Deflation – Value Walk

If the US Federal Reserve begins tapering QE in the next few months that should devalue the Yen, helping the recovery, but if the [...]

Japanese deflation is falling – USD/JPY follows | Forex Crunch

Fresh inflation data from Japan is very encouraging for Japanese policymakers. Japan's PM, Shinzo Abe, vowed to fight falling prices, and it seems he is [...]

Japan – In Thrall to Quackery |

According to Takenaka, “ Japan has the best opportunity to beat deflation in more than a decade.”, which sure sounds like he's threatening Japan's aging consumers with an imminent loss of real income. They have already … [...]

RealClearMarkets – Get Ready, Japan's Economy Is Set to Boom

Japanese Prime Minister Abe is taking a double-barreled approach to shock Japan out of its deflationary torpor. In addition to pressing hard for the BOJ to boost inflation, he has initiated a huge public works program dubbed … [...]

Shinzo Abe: I Come to Bury the Yen |

But in recent weeks he has called for the Bank of Japan to achieve 3 percent inflation, three times higher than the current target, after years of deflation pressures. […] “The BOJ must set a (new) inflation target and print … [...]