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Marketing Japan: Japan's Deflation: The Department Store Numbers …

Japan's Deflation : The Department Store Numbers From 2009 to June 2012. I've been doing a lot of data searching and number crunching for the purpose of making presentations for a new Japanese company to obtain … [...]

Ab-Norm-al Econ: Wage Deflation In The Eurozone Has Been Very …

Austerity has not increased investor confidence in sovereign bond offerings, and internal wage deflation has not made the troubled economies more cost competitive. …. An Overview Of Minsky's Theory of Finance And Its [...]

New Economic Perspectives: Another Great Depression?

The implementation of New Deal policies created automatic stabilizers which work by putting a floor under aggregate demand, preventing a deflationary spiral, but they also put ceilings in place, as rapid economic growth translates into rising tax revenues which destroy income and temper the expansion. Nowadays, the size of the … It is now important to introduce how the level of investment is determined according to Minsky's framework. Firms invest if the demand … [...]

New Economic Perspectives: A note on Automatic Stabilizers

As noted above, to meet the private sector rising saving desire the government should run bigger deficits to prevent a deflationary spiral. Source: Jan Hatzius, Goldman Sachs. As Minsky emphasized, the problem, during the [...]