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Japan pushes through new stimulus, struggles to contain deflation …

Japan pushes through new stimulus, struggles to contain deflation ; BIS targets bank leverage; China profits drop; oil falls, gold higher, UST 10yr yields rise; NZ$1 = 77.5 USc, TWI = 78.9. Posted in News December 29, [...]

Bernard's Top 10: China's 'Minsky Moment' of morally hazardous …

Bernard's Top 10: China's ' Minsky Moment' of morally hazardous truth; Stephen Grenville says Australia and NZ should merge; Fighting yesterday's inflation battle tomorrow; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert ….. Hugh Grant on fire; Ambrose is back; How supply side economics failed; Cartoons galore; Dilbert · Thursday's Top 10 with NZ Mint: NZ's dangerous debt spiral; A war to fix America's depression?; McKinsey's 'corrupted culture'; What so bad about deflation ; [...]

Thursday's Top 10 with NZ Mint: Japan's war on deflation starts …

New Zealand's most popular independent financial site, Helping you make financial [...]

Japan escapes major criticism for recent efforts to end their …

The much anticipated G-20 meeting of Finance Ministers produced little of note. Japan escaped any major criticism for its recent efforts to end is deflationary cycle, and members simply agreed to not to target their exchange … [...]

Net Foreign Debt Wagging the Money Supply Dog

Source: RBA Statistics

The graph above fairly clearly indicates that Net Foreign Debt (NFD) is a leading indicator for changes in M3 money supply. It looks like there is around a six month lag (give or take) between NFD moving and then M3 following suit.

The majority of foreign debt generated by Australia is not a result [...]

Deflation Case Study: Latvia

This case study really should have been one of the first covered because the deflation dynamics at play in Latvia have been more pronounced than just about any other country in the world. This case study will confirm many of the patterns we have seen in previous case studies. Namely a fall in the value [...]

India and China: A Short Comparison

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit both China and India within the last two years and have the opportunity to see the lay of the land in two important cities simply by walking the streets for days on end. When I visit a new city I like to really explore it on foot, not following [...]