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Sisyphean Fed Struggle to Create Inflation; Faber on Gross

Faber on Gross' Deflation Theory and Japan's Bond Ponzi Scheme In a Bloomberg TV interview, Trish Regan asked Marc Faber about Gross' deflation theory. Faber also discussed Japan's latest QE endeavor. Faber [...]

Japanese Style Deflation Coming? Where? Fed Falling Behind

Japan -style deflation across the Eurozone is no longer an outrageous thought. As you can see from chart 1, there is a close link between CPI and demographics. That has certainly been the case in Japan and I don't see [...]

Minsky's Theory of Asset Prices: Why Minsky Was NOT a Neo …

On a recent blogpost that I wrote there was some confusion in the comments section regarding Hyman Minsky's theories and their relationship to the phenomenon of rising asset prices. I have seen this confusion made many times … The money that was used to purchase them — whether debt financed or not — was a residual; an important residual, as Ponzi debts might lead to asset price deflations , but still a residual. In these theories debt does not cause anything  … [...]

Japan Near Stagnation Following 9 Months of Growth

Note that input prices are still rising yet prices charged are back in deflation . There is simply no demand for services in Japan . Recall that prime minister Shinzo Abe wants taxes to double the sales tax rate from 5% to 10% by  … [...]

Guest Post: Of Krugman And Minsky | Zero Hedge

In a recent column, he cited Minsky ostensibly to defend Alan Greenspan's loose monetary policies. Krugman … In endorsing Minsky's view, Krugman is coming closer to the truth. But he … Or another one: Deflation is [...]

Jennie S. Bev: Will a Financial Bubble Pop in 2013?

In macroeconomics, debt and deflation affect asset markets and prices. Hyman Minsky , a professor of economics at Washington University at St. Louis, posited that income-debt relationships are directly affected by people's … [...]

Deflation and Depression: Is There an Empirical Link? « Meng Hu's …

We note here that since WWII, one country has come close to having both a depression and a deflation : Japan in the late 1990s. Is Japan's recent slowdown from a historically high average growth primarily due to its very low … [...]

Revised Data Shows Deflation Remains in Japan | Economics …

Revised Data Shows Deflation Remains in Japan . at 9:28 AM. Japanese consumer price inflation have been downwardly revised, pushing down the 12-month increase near zero again, with the number excluding energy prices being below … [...]