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Quantitative and qualitative monetary easing and Japan's recent …

Excessive appreciation of the yen. A persistent decline in prices means continued appreciation in the value of the yen; that is, the value of money to buy goods and services. If deflation only takes place in Japan , it [...]

The tectonic plates are moving beneath the Japanese markets

These deficits have been almost entirely financed by Japanese institutions, content to own JGBs yielding 1% or less, because the deflation still gave them reasonable real returns. The yen has benefited from these real returns, … [...]

Deflation – Gold and Silver Price Pullback

UPDATE: 9/23/11, 7:25 EST – A couple of posts this afternoon on ZeroHedge helps to (partially) explain the pullback in gold (and silver) prices. Seems the CME has jacked the margin requirements by 21% for gold and 16% for silver. Rumor has it that news of the impending margin hikes leaked. [...]

DEFLATION – No Simple Answers to an Epic Mess – Part 2

F**k you, buddy – Adam Curtis – The Trap 01 www.youtube.com As you view this video, think about how important psychological perspective is when analyzing a problem. What biases do you bring to the table when you think about our current economic mess? Debt: The First 5000 Years Great discussion – well worth a watch for everyone, especially gold and silver bugs: David Graeber talks about the history of debt and its impact in the world over thousands of years. During this event from Melville House Bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, Professor Graeber talked with Left Business Observer editor Doug Henwood, author of Wall Street and After the New Economy. [...]

Default America: Deflation vs Inflation

Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff plans to run for president as a third-party candidate. I had the pleasure of doing an in depth interview with him about a year ago. This story is one of many he appears in.Visit Kotlikoff-2012.org Preface: www.cbsnews.com 60 minutes did a second special report with Ben Bernanke that aired December the 5th. Bernanke was their only interview, and he indicated that inflation was necessary to bolster the economy. My work challenges that view by showing the effects it will have on your everyday person. www.ksla.com My message “Not only do we have less money to spend in this recession, the cost of basics like food and fuel continue to rise. During the great depression, prices actually fell. That’s deflation. The government wont allow that to happen this time, telling us inflation is necessary” SOT Peter Schiff CEO Europac “Right now the government is telling us that deflation is the problem; is the threat” Music pop: Jon Hopkins – Contact Note Deflation is defined as a fall in the general price level. This means the value of the money in your pocket increases and you are able to buy more. SOT Peter Schiff CEO Europac “…and we need to create inflation. And as the signs of that inflation become more obvious at first the government is going to claim victory, Ah ha we won!” Inflation is defined as a rise in the general price level. It means the value of the money in your pocket decreases and you are not able to buy as much … [...]

Hyperinflation, Deflation, Currency Wars Economic Update 1

US Debt is out of control & this fact is about to change your life. We look at recent actions by the Fed & others which will quickly bring chaos home. To watch a detailed FREE video detailing the current economic situation go to [...]