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Deflation Is Winning (And Central Banks Are Running Scared) | Zero …

Bernanke was referring to the deflationary pressures Japan had been dealing with for more than a decade. In the article, Bernanke laid out a game plan for how the Fed would respond if the US ever faced deflationary [...]

GoldSilver.com – Deflation Before Inflation? – Mike Maloney

Visit: & Hunt bros. article: For more, visit: http//:GoldSilver.com & Mike Maloney answers a question from the audience at a Casey Research Summit event … [...]

Japanese Consumer Prices Increase, Signalling End of Deflation …

After five years of deflation , the price of consumer goods in Japan is on the way up after a series of measures from key policymakers bring an end to deflation [...]

Deflation watch: Kabocha | Yen for Living – The Japan Times blogs

Deflation watch: Kabocha. July 1st, 2013 by Philip Brasor & Masako Tsubuku. Japanese pumpkin, raw and prepared. The main story at the heart of Abenomics as far as the Japanese media is concerned is that Japanese exporters are making  … [...]

Forex News: Japanese CPI Maintains Deflation, Market Weighs BoJ …

The Takeaway: Japan CPI prints -0.3% National CPI, better than forecasts > Japan makes slow progress on stimulus > Yen slowly declines (USDJPY rises). The Japanese Yen edged lower as Japan released a slew of  … [...]

Demographics, Disinflation and Deflation | S O L A R C Y C L E S

The alternative 15-40 ratio measure paints a similar picture of price deflation ahead for five of the most important economies: 23jun14 This explains why ZIRP and QE have failed to bring about inflation in Japan and now the  … [...]

Japan 's Deflation Persistence | azizonomics

Certainly, older people tend to have more savings, or tend to live in a fixed income, and so benefit from deflation But correlation is not causation. Certainly, Japan's older population l0ves deflation ..But the issue is the love of … [...]

Deflation Coming For Stocks (And Dividend Stocks) Too? – Seeking …

The fact is that monetary easing and deflation can go hand-in-hand for a long period of time. The economic situation of Japan over the last couple of decades clearly shows this. Japan was the inventor of the modern version of … [...]

Deflation: Are Markets Signaling The Dreaded Scenario? – Seeking …

Are the markets signaling deflation ahead? Japan is trying its high-risk experiment to inflate. While the efforts seem to be working initially with the yen collapsing and Japanese equity markets soaring, there is growing concern … [...]

Japan ETFs: BOJ's Aggressive Plan to End Deflation | ETF Trends

It has been hardly four months since Japan elected Shinzo Abe as prime minister, yet market participants have clearly placed their bets behind Mr. Abe's plans to resuscitate Japan's economy from the grip of deflation and slow … [...]