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Japan Enters a Triple Dip Recession as Deflation Fears grip the …

Japan Enters a Triple Dip Recession as Deflation Fears grip the World. by John Galt November 16, 2014 21:45 ET. Radio Australia broke the news earlier tonight, along with every Japanese and economic news source in the Pacific [...]

Dick Eastman National Greenback Social Credit Dividend

Social credit is money that the government simply makes up and hands out to everybody in equal amounts so they don’t have to borrow from international bankers to have a supply of money to spend. You simply give money to everybody so they can buy what they want and so people who sell things will make so much money they can give everybody a nice job without having to borrow too much?” This is not the original social credit of CH Douglas, but it takes his idea of the household dividend and combines it with the national fiduciary “thin-air” money of Abraham Lincoln and the analysis of the pitfalls of debt-based money supply and private central banks as provided by Authur Kitson, Federick Soddy and others. The problem is deflation, not inflation. Interest drain is what causes deflation. Note: there are helpful diagrams at the end of this video. Populist Nationalist Social Credit Brotherhood of American Citizen Peacemakers of All Races and Creeds — This is our Common [...]

Steve Keen: Economic Progress one Funeral at a Time? (Part 1)

Many modern economists missed the financial crisis and the economic problems we’ve seen since then, such as the eurozone debt crisis. Why? Well according to economics professor and author of Debunking Economics Steve Keen, they’re not really experts on the economy but experts on a model of the [...]

DEFLATION – No Simple Answers to an Epic Mess

A few thoughts on the broad psychology of how we collectively deal with the financial and economic mess we find ourselves in. There are no simple answers or silver bullets. [...]

Deflationary Depression only Worsened by Liquidation Austerity & Debt-Financed Stimuli pt 2 of 8 American Social Credit reform is based in part on the economics of Irving Fisher The Debt-Deflation Theory of Great Depressions [...]

Prof Steve Keen: Will there be a Double Dip in the USA? Part One

Professor Keen explains the private debt dynamics that caused both the Great Depression and the Great Recession. The Great Recession will end when private debt is much lower than it is now–even though it’s fallen by 30% of GDP since the peak, it’s still 100% higher than at the start of the Great Depression. A slowdown in the rate of decline of debt actually caused much of the recent recovery, but Professor Keen expects that this slowdown will pass and a double dip will occur. [...]

The Financial and Economic Morass 4-6 Negative Growth and Deflation

The Financial and Economic Morass – What is Needed for a Recovery and How Long Will it Take? 4-6 Negative Growth and Deflation 06/17/2009 [...]

Deflation Case Study: Latvia

This case study really should have been one of the first covered because the deflation dynamics at play in Latvia have been more pronounced than just about any other country in the world. This case study will confirm many of the patterns we have seen in previous case studies. Namely a fall in the value [...]

Deflation Case Study: Spain

Things are going so bad economically in Spain that the national pastime has changed from bullfighting to bearfighting. Now that I have that terrible joke out of the way, what are the prospects for deflation in Spain? It had been characterised, like quite a few other advanced economies, with rapidly rising credit and asset prices. [...]

The Balance Sheet Recession

In this interview Richard Koo set out his thoughts on the current GFC in a very succinct manner. I agree with him 100% up until the point he starts arguing for government stimulus to tackle the deleveraging.

My opinion is that he is exactly right that this event is a large scale ‘balance sheet recession’, which [...]