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The Economist explains: Why deflation is bad | The Economist

Figures released on January 7th showed that consumer prices in the year to December fell by 0.2%, marking the return of deflation for the first time since 2009. Weak demand, driven ….. It happened in Japan , and other [...]

Japan's Big Stimulus to Fight Deflation Risk | Musings from the Chiefio

Faced with fresh evidence that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 's campaign to end the country's long bout with deflation was faltering, the two institutions steered Japanese economic policy into the uncharted territory of [...]

Don't be afraid of deflation | Edward Hadas – Reuters

They identified 73 five-year periods of price decline and found “virtually no evidence” of any link between deflation and decreased output. The record of contemporary Japan – often cited as an example of the dangers of  … [...]

Japan's QE is Exporting Deflation – Planet Yelnick

Japan's effort at super QE is likely to export its deflation to trading partners. John Mauldin has a long a analysis of this in his current newsletter. Our occasional guestblogger Yves comes to a similar conclusion. He wraps it into … [...]

RealClearMarkets – Get Ready, Japan's Economy Is Set to Boom

Japanese Prime Minister Abe is taking a double-barreled approach to shock Japan out of its deflationary torpor. In addition to pressing hard for the BOJ to boost inflation, he has initiated a huge public works program dubbed … [...]

Should economists use more disequilibrium modelling? – Politics …

Debt deflation and Minsky's Financial instability hypothesis both hold a lot of promise and seem intuitively to be sound, given effects of the 2008 financial crisis. Interestingly enough, the Austrian school's business cycle theory … [...]

Deflation's Here, and the Downward Spiral Has Started …

Deflation's Here, and the Downward Spiral Has Started. Tuesday … The effects of the economic quandary in Japan and the efforts to restore growth were so misguided that the Japanese are still attempting a recovery. In almost twenty years, … [...]