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Why is deflation continuing in Europe and Japan?

Here is an update from Japan : Four years after the Bank of Japan set a 2 percent inflation target, price gains may still be coming up short, according to a survey of economists by Bloomberg News. Consumer prices will rise [...]

The Economist explains: Why deflation is bad | The Economist

Figures released on January 7th showed that consumer prices in the year to December fell by 0.2%, marking the return of deflation for the first time since 2009. Weak demand, driven ….. It happened in Japan , and other [...]

China's economy: Deflation, deflated | The Economist

WHEN people think of a large Asian country on the brink of deflation , they probably have Japan in mind. But China, the biggest of them all, is now skirting close to outright falls in prices across a wide swathe of the [...]

Japan's quantitative easing: A bigger bazooka | The Economist

In recent weeks, economists had started to question Mr Kuroda's oft-stated commitment to banishing Japan's entrenched deflationary psychology. They suggested that the bank's formerly conservative mindset might even [...]

Sweden reacts as Krugman likens price slip Japanese style deflation

Policy makers are uniting against Krugman after the Nobel Laureate likened price developments in Scandinavia's biggest economy to Japan's battle with deflation . “I'm surprised that he's drawing parallels to Japan ,” [...]

Japan close to escaping deflation | 24 News | Financial Express …

Japanese consumer prices have risen at the fastest pace in five years, showing government policies to end its deflation [...]

Greek deflation at record and could threaten future recovery from recession – economy

Greece’s severe recession continues to dissuade people from spending money, further dragging down… euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe [...]

Overcoming Deflation: The Bank of Japan’s Challenge

Haruhiko Kuroda, governor of the Bank of Japan, discusses the challenges of overcoming deflation and Japan’s economic policy. SPEAKER: Haruhiko Kuroda [...]

The access-to-information system is busting: information czar …

The access-to-information system is busting: information czar. By Amy Minsky Global News. Play Video … get a response from the national police force when it went looking for answers. Finally, Legault points to a phenomenon she says has slowly deflated the worth of Canada's access laws—a list of exemptions that has doubled since the Access to Information Act came into force. The law provides for certain pieces of federal legislation to be exempted from disclosure;  … [...]

Japan Continues To Get Squeezed By Deflation – Business Insider

TOKYO (AP) — Japan's consumer price index fell 0.9 percent in March from a year earlier, underlining the challenge of ending a long spell of debilitating deflation despite an onslaught of monetary easing and stimulus … [...]