October 2020
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Week In FX Asia – Japan's $182 Billion Package To End Deflation …

CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust (NYSEARCA:FXY): Week In FX Asia – Japan's $182 Billion Package To End Deflation [...]

Deflation Isn't An Export, Crazy Talk Is – Seeking Alpha

The question concerns Japan , as so many questions soon will. The statement is made that the aggressive quantitative easing by the Bank of Japan is “exporting deflation ,” and is thus the profligate monetary policy of Japan … [...]

Japan: More Output, Less Deflation – Seeking Alpha

Japan has released a number of reports early in the Tokyo session that show an economy seemingly on the mend and an easing of deflationary pressures. Ironically, the yen tended to weaken in response, whereas the dollar … [...]

Japan: Inflation, Deflation Or Bond Crash? – Seeking Alpha

Japan has had persistent mild deflation for most of the last decade. Along with the deflation has been over a decade of slow to no growth. As we all know, prime minister Shinzo Abe and new Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko … [...]

Deflation Coming For Stocks (And Dividend Stocks) Too? – Seeking …

The fact is that monetary easing and deflation can go hand-in-hand for a long period of time. The economic situation of Japan over the last couple of decades clearly shows this. Japan was the inventor of the modern version of … [...]

Preparedness – Seeking Alpha

St. Louis Federal Reserve President Bullard Wednesday told an audience at the Hyman Minsky Conference in New York that it is “too early” to worry about deflation . That statement must hit most readers of this column as … [...]

Deflation: Are Markets Signaling The Dreaded Scenario? – Seeking …

Are the markets signaling deflation ahead? Japan is trying its high-risk experiment to inflate. While the efforts seem to be working initially with the yen collapsing and Japanese equity markets soaring, there is growing concern … [...]

The Great Rotation… In Japan? – Seeking Alpha

Yields on the 10-year Japanese bond have stayed steady below the 2% marker since the turn of the century, with anemic economic growth, worsening demographics, and deflation having justified such low yields. However … [...]

Japan Gets Serious About Deflation – Seeking Alpha

The chart also shows the origin of the deflation that has plagued the Japanese economy for so long. That's in the middle portion of the chart where I've highlighted the fact that the BoJ allowed zero net expansion of bank … [...]

Japan: What Deflation? What Depression? – Seeking Alpha

There's a lot of unfounded talk going around these days about how deflation has killed the Japanese economy, as good friend Don Luskin pointed out to me the other day. This chart shows the year over year growth in Japan's   … [...]