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Looks as if they lost battle against deflation: Japan's Inflation Slows …

(Bloomberg) — Japan's inflation slowed more than forecast in January, highlighting central bank chief Haruhiko Kuroda's challenge in reflating the world's third-biggest economy. Consumer prices excluding fresh food rose [...]

Is Sweden headed the Japan way? | Mostly Economics

The last reading was at -0.6% fueling debates over deflation in Sweden. Krugman always on red alert to these developments started the debate – one and two . Lars Svensson, former Riksbank MPC member and deflation [...]

Krugman still thinking about Sweden — and still only gets it partly …

A ' Minsky moment' actually doesn't seem to be that far away, and we may sooner than we think face a deflationary house price spiral driving the economy to a classic Fisher-Keynes- Minsky debt deflation crisis. And this is [...]

Deflation in Greece: rapidly increasing | Real-World Economics …

Almost exactly a year ago (Jan 20), Tyler Cowen asked the question: 'Why is there still inflation in Greece' while, somewhat earlier (Oct 26, 2012), I stated that 'In Greece, deflation and not inflation is the [...]

Greece as a textbook example of debt deflation (also: the JD cover up!)

Summary The Troika is still using the Greek state to issue debtobligations which are used to prop up bankrupt banks. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, chairman of th Eurozone finance ministers, does not get this. That does not work,  … [...]

Deflation in Greece | Real-World Economics Review Blog

Dynamite Prize · Dynamite Prize in economics · economic journals · Economic Thought · economics profession · ethics · Minsky · neoclassical economics · Real World Economics Movement · revere award · Revolving-Door  … [...]

Sober Look: The clock is ticking on Abe to implement labor reform …

In their recent report Barclays Capital researchers suggested that Japan's prolonged deflation has at least in part been driven by demographics. For years Japan's “wage curve's” shape has been highly unusual relative to  … [...]

GoldMoney podcast: Mish Shedlock's case for deflation | The God …

He argues that in the short-term, he sees 2008-style “credit events” as more likely to occur in Japan , China, and Europe. Shedlock also mentions the deflationary impact we can expect from the increasing use of robots in … [...]

Japan's lessons for America's budget warriors… « Mostly Economics

It should not follow policies of Japan's stop and go approach towards stimulus. Since the collapse of Japan's housing bubble in 1990, the country has suffered more than two decades of deflation , stagnant growth, and … [...]

Dear brethren of the ECB, debt deflation is alive and kicking down …

Uncategorized · Home > Uncategorized > Dear brethren of the ECB, debt deflation is alive and kicking down (Irish edition, 3 graphs) … Hey, Tyler, do you consider this sudden 13% decline to be 'real' deflation ? Ireland2. [...]