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A Simple Chart Illustrating Why Japan Style Deflation Is Now More …

Here's one simple chart which illustrates why I think Japan style deflation is now more or less inevitable in Spain. Curiously it comes from the Ministry of Employment. It illustrates the relation between the movement in average  … [...]

Reading The Writing On The Japanese Wall | A Fistful Of Euros

At the heart of the deflation problem in Japan has been the ongoing slump in land prices, which are now still stuck around early 1980s levels (watch out Spain). Land prices did briefly rise for the first time in 16 years in 2007 as … [...]

The dangers of deflation, or why Ron Paul and the Austrians are wrong

Long story short: Though a desire for deflation, and a fear of inflation, may have some plausibility at face value, when examined from the perspective of the economy as a whole (and I scarcely doubt that anyone thinks this isn’t what policymakers should be concerned most about), a categorical fear of inflation, and a desire for deflation, aka “a strong dollar,” is entirely wrong-headed. Austrians, including Peter Schiff and Robert P. Murphy, have fallen for this intuitive trap. A sudden drop in prices in the economy will cause sudden, needless unemployment and an idling of scarce resources which have alternative [...]